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As the parent of a 3 year old and 8 month old child, I am constantly busy shopping for playroom and nursery items. Storage ideas are always on my wish-list, as are books (duh) and anything that could help my children feel more comfortable in their space. In the summer of 2020, I wrote a post on creating a toddler reading nook that goes well with this list of my favorite items: bookcases for children’s rooms.

Cover picture of the education of book monsters

In Bringing Up Bookmonsters: The Joyful Way to Turn Your Child into a Fearless, Gluttonous Reader, Amber Ankowski, PhD, and Andy Ankowski both praise the home library as extremely important in educating readers:

“The display of books is a loud and clear signal that books and reading are important to your family. Since your child is [wild] about you, participating in your book-loving family culture will be a source of pride. “

From Chapter 8 in The Natural Habitat of a Book Monster

Bookcases are an important tool for showing your child that household books are important and where they can access them. And a children’s room bookcase is more than just storing books; it is different from other bookshelves in the house. If possible, it should be accessible to the child so that they can (of course safely) access their books. If the shelf or shelves are not accessible, the design should at least arouse curiosity or fascination. You want your child to want to see the books on the shelves and therefore read them.

For this post, I’m going to divide children’s room bookcases into different categories. Hopefully this will provide inspiration for planning or updating your little one’s nursery.

Children’s bookshelves that your child can reach

Both of my children have bookshelves that are on their level. One of my favorite things to do is grab a book, get me a book to read, or just find the textures and colors and covers that are appealing enough to run their cute little fingers over.

Many (maybe all?) Of the examples below are considered Montessori bookcases. You can even personalize some of them. With these options, they’re on the more expensive side of the spectrum, but they’re sure to look lovely in any kid’s room.

Image of a wooden Montessori bookcase with names

This large Montessori toddler bookcase is perfect for keeping books accessible for your little ones. You can choose different sizes and / or add personalization. Prices range from $ 115 to $ 217 on Etsy.

Image of a cloud-shaped bookshelf

I squealed when I saw this adorable cloud book shelf. A perfect floor-level bookcase for your child to access their books. $ 65 on Etsy.

Image of a wooden Montessori bookcase

This beautiful wooden bookcase also has rear storage space and you can add a toy bookcase to your purchase. Price starts at $ 153 on Etsy.

Image of a wooden bookcase with

This “Once Upon a Time” shelf is perfect for the little ones who immerse themselves in fairy tales. There are several color options for the wood, as well as other personalization options if you’d rather use a name instead of “Once Upon a Time …”. The price starts at $ 96.

Shapely bookshelves for children’s rooms

This category is intended for bookshelves with different shapes, such as clouds, mountains, hearts, etc. These bookcases are ideal when you bring a specific theme to a child’s room.

Image of cloud-shaped wall bookshelves

I want to hang dozens of these on our blue walls in the nursery to make it feel like a heaven of books! These cloud-shaped nursery bookcases are so beautiful, AND you can add pegs to hang items. Choose from one of three colors for $ 63 on Etsy.

Image of a kite-shaped children's room bookcase

Fly a kite and save your baby’s books! This wall hanging dragon bookcase is absolutely gorgeous and would add the perfect whimsical look to any kid’s room. Price starts at $ 73 depending on the color and whether you want to include a backlight.

Image of mountain bookshelves

Let your reader climb mountains with this set of three mountain-shaped children’s room shelves. Choose from two different colors for $ 53 on Etsy.

Multipurpose bookcases for children’s rooms

As a parent, I love efficiency. Multi-use furniture is always a plus, and bookshelves are no different. Bookcases, which also serve as a place to hang clothes or bags, are always useful. This category is intended for all parents and carers who prefer function to form.

Image of pegboard nursery bookshelf

Let’s start this category with the ultimate multipurpose modular option. This children’s room bookcase with breadboard gives you the freedom to put your shelves and pegs where you want them to be. It’s hard not to add every bookcase on the ShelveeUK Etsy page to my cart. $ 109.

Image of wall bookcases with hanging bar

This hanging bar wall bookcase is perfect for storing books and hanging outfit options. On a chilly day, hang a sweater up before taking your child to your local indie bookstore to fill this space! There are multiple sizes and styles, and prices start at $ 30 on Etsy.

Image of a white nursery wall bookcase with hanging brackets

Sometimes you want a more classic look for your bookcase, and this wall-mounted bookcase is sleek, beautiful, with hooks for hanging decorations and other nursery items. $ 42 on Etsy.

Keep expanding your home library

In Bringing Up Bookmonsters, the authors note that “Studies in numerous countries around the world have shown that regardless of where children live or what language they speak, a significant number of books in the home are important to good reading skills . ”

Whether a new baby has just moved into your home or you want to start creating a reader-friendly space for your toddler, one way is to start with the nursery and branch out. Choose a bookcase that suits you and your child. It can be whimsical, functional, or all of the above. Let it be a tool, an “Adventure Starts Here!” Sign for your little one to be drawn to. Let your nursery bookcase be a home for your child’s books.

When you’ve found your perfect nursery bookcase, you may want to add a little more bookcase nursery decor to your child’s room as well.