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If you’ve read anything by Shirley Jackson, you’ve probably noticed that there is a sense of magic running through it all the time, sometimes subtle and sometimes overt. I think there is no better example of this than this passage from The Haunting of Hill House where Eleanor stops for lunch on the way to Hill House.

Eleanor looked up in surprise; the little girl slipped back in her chair and grumpily refused her milk, while her father frowned and her brother giggled and her mother said calmly, “She wants her mug with stars.”
Yes, thought Eleanor; in fact I do too; a cup of stars, of course.
“Your little cup,” explained the mother and smiled apologetically at the waitress, who was thunderstruck at the thought that the good country milk from the mill was not rich enough for the little girl. “It has stars below, and she always drinks her milk from it at home. She calls it her star cup because she can see the stars while drinking her milk. ”The waitress nodded unconvinced, and the mother said to the little girl:“ You will get your milk from your star cup tonight when we go home come. But only now, to be a very good little girl, are you going to take some milk out of this glass? “
Don’t do it, said Eleanor to the little girl; Insist on your goblet with stars; Once they make you look like everyone else, you will never see your mug of stars again; do not do it; and the little girl looked at her and smiled a little subtle, dimple, very understanding smile and stubbornly shook her head over the glass. Brave girl, thought Eleanor; smart, brave girl.

I collect art prints. One day I might even be able to make the beautiful wall art I dream of, but it wouldn’t be complete without a Shirley Jackson print or two, and what could be a better subject than Eleanor’s mug with stars? (You can also spot the concept as well as some of the following graphics from the Netflix series of the same name from 2018. I added prints based on both!) I added a few other prints as well as some stickers, pens, and more!

Mug with star prints

This beautiful A4 print of a teacup with stars is available as shown or on a white background. $ 17, ships from the UK

Black and white print of a mug overflowing with stars and the words

I love the phases of the moon on this star print mug! $ 14, ships from the US

a girl in white is drinking a cup of tea on a black background

I love the inclusion of Eleanor in this cosmic star print mug! Pick your size, starting at $ 12

Lavender print of a stack of floral tea cups with stars splashing from the top cup

This 8×10 stack of floral star teacups could be my favorite! $ 20, ships from the US

Print of a tea cup with a blue wave of stars protruding from it

I love this take on Nell’s falling star! $ 7, ships from Germany

A teacup that looks almost alive stands on a black background.  Stars float out of it.

I love the way this 5 × 7 mug with stars looks like it’s alive! $ 6, ships from the US

a linocut portrait of the author, a white woman with glasses, with the words

These linocut prints are actually postcards that I like to hang up with my other art prints. 10 for $ 15 or 20 for $ 20, ships from the US

white print of a black mug with white stars on the side

I love the simplicity of this print-it-yourself design! Insist on your mug with stars. $ 5 instant download

Mug with star stickers, jewelry and more

three stickers from a glass with a straw full of ice and stars on a yellow background

Love these cute vinyl mugs with star stickers (also available as enamel pins)! $ 2.50 each, shipped from Canada

round pendant chain with text from the Haunted Hill House

This star cup necklace presents the text adorned with stars. $ 18, ships from the US

a blue teacup with the words: insist on your mug with stars

Another star sticker cute teacup! $ 3.50, ships from the US

small roll on perfume bottle labeled Eleanor's Cup of Stars

Finally, what about Eleanor’s Cup of Stars perfume ?! Notes of milk, honey, plum, oatmeal, orange peel, amber and sugared musk. $ 14, ships from the US