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When I first found out about inserts, I was genuinely speechless for a moment as I processed the creativity that goes into creating these small, intricate worlds.

These often rectangular inserts were designed for a bookcase or book corner and can refer to anything from the beloved series to outer space and are available in a variety of styles. Adding an intermediate book to your books seems like the best unexpected surprise. These are like adult fairy houses. Below, I’ve rounded up 15 of the best bookcases, ranging from beautifully simple silhouettes inspired by children’s books to creepy realistic depictions of horror villains. Regardless of your reading preferences, you’re sure to want something featured here!

Space-themed book corner

Science fiction fans will want to snag this intergalactic shelf art.

Alice in Wonderland book corner

Walk through the mirror with this book corner from Alice in Wonderland.

Hannibal Lector book corner

Personally? I would probably scream every time I walked past my horror shelf if I had this piece of art. But it’s incredibly realistic for all of the Hannibal fans out there.

The Shining themed shelf insert

Horror fans looking for something a little less disruptive should check out this shelf insert, which depicts a central scene from The Shining.

The Little Prince shelf insert

For something more calming, try this beautiful silhouette-style book corner insert inspired by The Little Prince.

Miniature bookcase shelf insert

A miniature shelf for your shelves (!!!!). It doesn’t get much better than that.

Dark academic book corner shelf insert

Fans of the dark academic genre will appreciate this bookcase shelf insert that comes with a miniature skull and some ravens on guard.

Sherlock Holmes Museum book corner

Pay tribute to Watson and Holmes with this book corner that is a replica of the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

Lord of the Rings book corner shelf insert

There are many Lord of the Rings inspired bookcases, including this one that has a shining Eye of Sauron.

Narnia wardrobe book corner

Make your way through the closet and into Narnia with this lovely wood insert (and yes, that closet door opens and closes!).

Little Mermaid Diorama Shelf Insert

Disney fans will love this colorful Little Mermaid bookshelf insert with its abundance of colorful sea creatures and 3D waves.

Peter Pan shelf insert

Peter Pan and the darlings fly in this delightfully detailed book corner.

Van Gogh shelf insert

Art lovers will be drawn to this Van Gogh scene in a shelf insert with a “Starry Night” background.

Beech Corner of Kyoto Alley

Many bookshelves offer small glimpses from around the world, such as this complicated street scene from Kyoto, Japan.

Jurassic Park shelf insert

And finally, Jurassic Park fans will appreciate this bookshelf insert with the gates of the park and a bright sun.

Whether you’re brave enough for a Hannibal bookcase insert or something a little more reassuring, hopefully you’ve found an insert that suits your reading tastes. And if you’d like to try creating your own, don’t worry, there is a DIY post for you in the works! In the meantime, check out some other reading corner items and find advice on how to design the reading corner.