Today I want to focus on those fears that prevent business people from exposing themselves through a podcast.

While podcasting is widely known as a great marketing solution for reaching new customers and expanding business horizons, it is not uncommon for professionals to postpone their first step in the arena until the whole process is complete. One apology after another.

Here are the 5 main reasons you’re scared of jumping into podcasting

1st accent

A strong accent is perceived by many as a restriction, an obstacle, a hiding place. Instead, your accent needs to be seen as something special that makes it easier for you to remember and recognize. Make the best out of it. A podcast is a means of standing out, not an attempt to get named Hollywood’s best voice actor. What the audience judges you has nothing to do with your accent.

2. I become a mockery

In a podcast, an audience of prospects is seen when used as a business tool. None of them have time to waste. Everyone is focused on getting the most out of the content you offer rather than finding the next ridicule.

It is strange that many entrepreneurs, who are the definition of self-confidence in doing business, are utterly afraid of exposing their voice to a large audience that can comment and eventually make fun of it.

3. I am not convinced

Perfectionism is one of the main enemies of podcasting. Think about it: podcasting saves time. Instead of writing or making videos, each of which can require long drafts or complicated post-production, podcasting can be done in real time. Start recording, speak, end recording. Job done, time saved.

The quest for absolute perfection will take you down an infinite spiral: the more you try to be flawless, the further away you will be from getting your podcast out and seeing it take off.

4. Maybe it’s just useless

You were excited about the idea, but now you have the feeling that “this podcasting malarkia is simply of no use”. Is it really going to attract new customers? Will anyone really want to listen? These are just some of the questions you will be asking yourself … based on deeper, unrelated uncertainties that are likely to lead you to abandon everything.

5. Absence of technical difficulties

Technically, recording a podcast is easy. You don’t necessarily have to be prepared as if BeyoncĂ© is coming over to record her next hit. A successful podcast can even be recorded using your laptop’s built-in microphone. Anything that is better should be viewed as an improvement rather than a must. Keep it simple, go ahead and do your best to improve along the way. Don’t wait for NBC to move their radio studios to your living room. That moment can never come you know


To promote your image and your business, podcasting has become key. Your words become sound and that sound is your voice. Because of this, your message gains credibility.

Prioritize the quality of your content. This is exactly what your listeners focus on to decide whether to go deeper or leave you forever. Everything else is just a handbrake that we find difficult to let go because we are afraid to face the judgment of others. So fearful that we forget that their judgment could also be positive and lead us to opportunities that we would otherwise not achieve.

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