Recently it was rumored that Vincent D’Onofrio’s kingpin could make the leap from Netflix to the Marvel Cinematic Universe – albeit on the small screen via the Disney + series Hawk Eye – which raises all sorts of questions. I mean, if Kingpin shows up to smash some heads with his car door, does that mean other Netflix Marvel heroes will appear in Marvel’s upcoming Phase 4 films alongside Thor and Spider-Man?

Well, if the answer is yes, then here are the five Netflix Marvel characters we’d love to see in case the studio takes inquiries.


Let’s start with the obvious, right? That Daredevil The TV trilogy was a mixed bag that never reached its full potential. Oh sure, it had a lot of highlights – namely that wild last (?) Season – and Charlie Cox was pretty brilliant in the role, but there was still a lot of meat on the bone, if you get me. Now there are a lot of rumors that Cox will appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home in some shape or form, creating all kinds of chills … Can you imagine Daredevil – that Daredevil – standing alongside Tom Holland’s Spider- One fights? Of all of Marvel’s ragged team of street heroes, Matt Murdock absolutely deserves a big screen sequel.

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Claire Temple

Look, Claire Temple might not be the most exciting character to make the leap into the MCU, but for the sake of continuity, it seems almost criminal to cross her off the list. The character more or less served as a transit line for Netflix’s shows, which first appeared on Daredevil and later shared an intimate relationship with Luke Cage. As portrayed by Rosario Dawson, it would actually be pretty cool to see Claire stop by for some advice or heal a wounded hero. In a series full of superheroes, a more down-to-earth character like Claire offers a little more nuance to go with all of the high-flying gimmicks we’ve gotten used to.

Jessica Jones

Netflix Marvel characters

Jessica Jones Seasons 2 and 3 didn’t quite live up to the season 1 hype, but the character remained intriguing throughout. There’s still a lot of comic material to discover that could certainly fit some of the bigger MCU stories, but the wish here really revolves around the badass Jessica getting a chance to head-to-toe with the likes of Scarlett Witch, Ant-Man or Thor. Since she’s not quite on the same level of proficiency as some of the MCU’s god-like warriors, there would also be plenty of opportunities to explore her persona further and how she fits into the larger Marvel narrative.

Really, but the majority of the characters on this list simply deserve a second chance on a much larger platform. Considering that Krysten Ritter was one of the best things about the Netflix shows, why not give the actress another chance to shine with the big boys and girls at the MCU?

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Hatch cage

Netflix Marvel characters

Another character who earned a lot more was Luke Cage, the almost invincible hero of Harlem, who last took over Harlem’s Paradise after the death of his former owner Mariah Dillard. After two runs, but certainly not remarkable seasons, we have yet to see how Cage reaches his full potential. Not only would his skills be better used in the MCU, where he could fight alongside other mighty heroes against similarly strong enemies, but his nearly unbreakable moral code would make him an interesting counterpart to the, ah, more ardent rule flexors of the MCU.

Imagine a series with Luke, Sam, and Bucky. Talk about a dream team.


Netflix Marvel characters

Of course we have to include punishers. Despite the mixed response to Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of the classic antihero, I liked where the show took the character before his abrupt cancellation. Maybe a quasi-restart at MCU Bernthal would give Bernthal a chance to better develop Frank Castle into the violent man we all know and love, or maybe he just needs stronger material to work with. In any case, the MCU is not complete without the armed psycho villains in tatters. His presence (and his questionable ethical beliefs) would make for a unique character game, especially when partnered with a do-gooder like Sam Wilson / Captain America or a wildcard like Nebula.