You got the podcast but still aren’t seeing the listener engagement you were hoping for. Never be afraid! We’ve rounded up five of the best tactics to help you increase your podcast participation. All it takes is a little time and planning and you should find the transmitter / listener growing back and forth in no time!

1. Plan your social media strategy when your audience is active

Any good marketer knows that understanding your audience is key to growing your audience, but most importantly, it also helps increase engagement. Knowing when your listeners are most active on social media can help you target them strategically with your posts and gain their interest and engagement.

Social media networks love engagement and a great example of what that Instagram work is like. The Instagram algorithm gives priority to posts that receive a high level of attention. The more likes and comments you get, the more people will see them. But how can you put that into practice? For example, if your target audience is new mothers, consider posting in the early hours of the morning or in the middle of the night when they are most active on their phones. By taking the time to understand your audience’s day-to-day operations, you can tactically plan your posts for maximum engagement.

2. Add a CTA

A call-to-action, or CTA, related to marketing may seem obvious to industry representatives, but if you don’t, you may not be aware of the impact these little phrases and questions have on your engagement. The idea is that you are literally inviting viewers to comment on or participate in your post with the aim of inspiring people to watch your post, and therefore your account, longer. It doesn’t take much of your ending, all you have to do is add a simple sentence like, “Did you see what we did this week?” with the hope that viewers will click through or “What do you think of our latest episode?” and ask them to leave a comment. Give it a try and try to track your click-throughs / comments to see what effect it has!

3. Be involved in the community

It goes without saying that the more vocal presence you have in your area of ​​interest, the more you will be seen by other users. Hence, it is important that you be as active as possible on social media. This means that you should comment on other users’ activities such as posts and keep track of related accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A little investment in online presence can go a long way. So allow some time into your day to make sure you are seen!

4. Run a competition

Everyone loves to win something, which is why contests are a surefire way to get users’ attention. Work with other companies or influencers to really maximize your reach and offer prices that your audience would love to own. If possible, you can also use the competition to gain customer information. Ask your audience about their likes and dislikes so you can target future content to them. Most importantly, the competition has to be simple so that people are encouraged to participate!

5. Create a newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to keep track of what’s happening on your podcast and to sum up what you’re up to in a nutshell. By tracking the open rate and click-through rates of your newsletters, you can understand the topics that interest your audience, making it easier for you to plan your content. Motivate people to sign up for your newsletter by offering an incentive – exclusive content or entering a prize draw are great ways to encourage users to sign up!

There you have it, these are our top five tips to keep your listeners motivated. They are simple and straightforward. All it takes is some time and you should see results soon!