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Growing up, daydreaming was a common activity for me. Yes, I read, watched movies, and took part in sports, but when that was all over I let my mind wander. A daydream always started with a book or something funny that happened earlier that day. Often times I could just dream about the characters and stories in a book, or go a step further by changing the characters or attitudes. You could definitely say I had my head in the clouds. Not the best for a student, is it? I know that many of us have been taught that daydreams are a distraction and that we should focus on school, work, etc. That’s fair, but I think it depends on the time and place. It probably wouldn’t be good to dream in the middle of a soccer game, would it? Distractions definitely don’t help when you have things to do, but what if you’re washing the dishes or brushing your teeth?

How can daydreaming be fun and helpful?

According to Erin Westgate, professor of psychology at the University of Florida, “If you improve your daydreaming skills, you will have a source of joyful thoughts during times of stress as you improve your daydreaming skills.” Daydreaming goes beyond thinking positive thoughts. Rather, it’s about creating an oasis, a safe world for your mind to stop by for a quick visit or to stay the night. It is a positive experience that can help you during times of stress or boredom. Instead of opening a social media app or thinking about the things you need to do, you can spend a moment enjoying a daydream.

But … let’s face it, daydreaming isn’t always that easy. It can be tricky if you haven’t done it in a while. It can be especially difficult when you are actively trying to dream.

How do we get better at daydreaming?

It’s not new to a lot of people. While it’s hard to tell which types of people are more likely to daydream, there are a few key points that will help. In general, people who are creative and resourceful can often daydream. If you write fiction, you are likely a seasoned professional daydreamer. After all, those who write fiction are constantly developing stories. To dream you have to take on many roles, such as a writer, an actor, a screenwriter, and a costume designer, not to mention … the audience too. When you dream, you create the world you dream of. It could be the world we live in or an imaginary one that you read about in a book. For this reason, writers are particularly good daydreamers.

To help you “master” daydreaming, Westgate suggests daydreaming while you are doing tasks that do not require your full attention, such as: B. Brushing your teeth or walking. She also emphasizes that the things you dream about should be meaningful and should not be limited to simple positive thoughts like eating ice cream. The best way to prepare your brain for daydreaming is to have a list of topics and ideas that you think you would like to dream about. This is where the books come in!

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What makes a book worthy of our daydreams?

There are many qualities that make a book a worthy daydreaming tool. The most important thing is that the concepts (characters, plot, setting, plot) provide the reader with a good starting point. In this way, a book can create a reality that the reader can easily fit into or present a universe that the reader questions and arouses curiosity. What makes it a good daydreaming book is giving enough details while leaving enough questions. When the book explains everything, what is there to think about or wonder about later? The book has to paint a picture, but not fill the entire space with paint.

Which genres are best for daydreaming?

Lots of books can help, but some are better equipped than others. For me in particular, fantasy and magical realism are perfect examples of books that can help someone dream. In these genres you can discover worlds completely different from your own or experience an alternate reality with a touch of magic. Each genre has a variety of themes such as space, time travel, and dragons. My list of books focuses on these genres, but also takes into account other elements. Some of the books have nice detailed descriptions and illustrations. Others contain actions related to time, travel, and time travel! They all encourage further questions or thoughts on a variety of topics, from attitude to action. After all, almost all of them present meaningful scenes and optimistic endings. This does not mean that these books are free of pain, trauma, quarrel, or violence. It simply means that they deliver a story that has meaningful subjects and a hopeful outcome.

Without further ado, here are books to teach, help, or daydream inspire you!

6 books to daydream

Before the coffee gets cold By Toshikazu Kawaguchi

This book consists of four chapters, one for each character who goes to a mysterious café to travel back in time. Many are dying to take a look back at the past, but there are a few rules: you can’t change the past and you have to finish your coffee before it gets cold …

Talk about a good starting point! In addition to learning about a mysterious coffee shop, there are many meaningful scenes that cover various topics such as regret, time, and future prospects. This is the first book that came to my mind when I thought about daydreaming. As I read this book and after I finished it, I couldn’t stop thinking about all sorts of scenarios. When it comes to fabulism this is one of my personal favorites. After I finished, the only thing left to think about was what I would do if I could go back in time. Which memory would I visit? How would I use the time I was given? And how would that affect my future?

The book cover of the Tea Dragon Society

The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill

Katie O’Neill created a unique little universe where a community of characters have pet dragons that grow leaves with magical properties. Her middle-class fantasy graphic novel series contains three books. The Tea Dragon Society and Tea Dragon Festival are available now, while The Tea Dragon Tapestry will be released in June 2021. The first two books cover the lovely community of creatures facing challenges such as growing up, loss, memory, and finding a place to call home. There have been many moments when I wanted to step into this world and have tea in a house on the edge of the forest. Plus, the illustrations are beyond adorable.

And yes, I really really want a kite. I said it there.

Blackberry Blue cover

Blackberry Blue and Other Fairy Tales By Jamila Gavin and Richard Collingridge

I couldn’t write a list of delightful daydream-inspiring books without including at least one fairy tale. With this collection you will get six unique and magical fairy tales. Each story is very different, but they all share an element of unpredictability and wonder. They are full of lots of twists as well as magic, mystery, and beautiful illustrations! In these fairy tales you will meet:

A girl with a dress made of petals …

A boy on a journey to recover his sister’s soul …

A lake with precious gemstones …

An evil wizard, a cursed forest, and a boy who knows the way …

A magical violin and the longing for home …

A princess of the night cursed never to see the light of day …

The Midnight Library By Matt Haig

Nora Seed is dead. Well, not exactly. More specifically, it’s in a place between life and death, a place called the Midnight Library. In this library she has the opportunity to try different lives. It allows her to explore lives that she could have lived if she had made different choices, big or small. What would have happened if she’d stayed in the band or become an Olympic swimmer? Nora finds out while embarking on a whirlwind adventure to find her perfect life … if it exists.

Frankly, this blurb is enough to distract my mind and never come back. This story has magical elements, but it is still grounded in reality. It features a variety of difficult scenes and realities for the main character, but it also has a lot of hope. I couldn’t help but wonder what I would do now if I made another choice. Where would i be What would my life be like in an alternate universe?

Content warning: suicide, depression

Where Dreams Come Down By Janella Angeles

It has the word dream in the title so how could I resist?

But seriously, the scenes in this book are dazzling. There were moments when I had to pause and immerse myself in the descriptions and pictures.

As a fan of the Moulin Rouge! and Phantom of the Opera, I was delighted to see this story bring the wonderful and mysterious together with a nice dose of magic. It takes place in a world full of performances, “accidents” and a mysterious magic competition. A formidable actress at Hellfire House, Kallia tries to test her skills and win the magician’s competition. There is much to be gained in managing how to get out of the Hellfire House, explore Glorian AND prove that a woman can do more than just work magic. There’s a tragedy, bad magic, a love triangle, and a cliffhanger. If you end up begging for more, you can enjoy the Duology sequel coming out October 2021!

Skyward By Joe Henderson and Lee Garbett and Antonio Fabela

Skyward is a three volume YA science fiction graphic novel that centers on Willa, a 19-year-old who grew up in a world other than ours. On her earth she lives in low gravity. What problems does this cause? For one, you can fly, but if you jump a little too high, you may find yourself out of Earth’s atmosphere and in space. What if a storm hits? Instead of hitting droplets on the sidewalk, these characters encounter a very different and dangerous experience in the sky. In this world, Willa’s mission is to repair the earth and restore it to what it was before, when people could walk down the street without fear of floating away. On her mission, she faces many challenges as she grows up dealing with death and loss. Not only are the illustrations beautiful, the scenes and situations gave me a lot to think about. How about swimming in the sky or soaring high when the night came? How would I be safe when exploring large areas outside of the city?

There are many more books that could be added, but I hope this list can give you a boost to get you high, high, and sky!

After all, a whole new world is available to each of us. It’s just a daydream away

Now we’re starting to dream!

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