Funimation has announced that a handful of classic anime series will find their way into the catalog of streaming platforms, including several iterations of Lupine the 3rd.

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From September 14, 2021, users can get even more out of the Lupine the 3rd Series, alongside the science fiction mecha classic God marswhich will also be shown on Funimation in the USA and Canada. The full list of series coming to the platform next week is as follows:

  • Lupine the 3rd: Part 1
  • Lupine the 3rd: Part 2
  • Lupine the 3rd: part 3
  • Lupine the 3rd: part 5
    • Lupine the 3rd: 50th Anniversary Special – Is Lupine Still Burning?
  • Lupine the Third: The woman named Fujiko Mine
  • God wars

With Lupine the 3rd: Part 4 already streamed on Funimation, it means that the entirety of the lupine TV series can be streamed, which makes it a great time to dive into the series as a newcomer. The original Lupine the 3rd Manga was created by Monkey Punch and has inspired five previous anime series as well as the spin-off Lupine III: The woman named Fujiko Mine.

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There have been several movies including the critically acclaimed one Cagliostro Castle and over a dozen anime specials. The last anime in the series began in 2018 and aired on Toonami in North America, while it was also subtitled on Crunchyroll. The first anime adaptation debuted on October 24, 1971 with a Lupine the 3rd: part 6 scheduled for release sometime later this year to celebrate the series’ 50th anniversary.