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I’ve written about The Wheel of Time in Book Riot before. It’s been a big part of my reading life and I’m nearing the end of my big re-reading, with less than 700 pages before I reach the end (again). I doubt it will be my last iteration.

When you’ve followed something so eagerly for half your life, and kept talking about adaptations for film and television that never come about, you start to think that it will never actually happen.

But here we are, sixteen years since I picked up The Eye of the World, and there’s a trailer. A real two-minute plus trailer. You just have to see it. I wait – and press – while you do this.

The Wheel of Time comprises a total of fourteen books plus a full-length prequel novel; Putting every single thing into a TV show is unrealistic, so fans should probably expect some significant changes to keep the plot going.

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But the basic premise is everything here in the trailer. Aes Sedai Moiraine Damodred (Pike) arrives at The Two Rivers with her warder Lan Mandragoran (Henney) looking for a young man she believes is the dragon reborn, a prophesied hero who will destroy the world to fight the dark. She takes Rand Al’Thor (Stradowski), Matrim Cauthon (Harris), Perrin Aybara (Rutherford), Egwene Al’Vere (Madden) and Nynaeve Al’Meara (Robins) from The Two Rivers after being attacked through the Shadows – and for all five, their lives are forever changed.

For someone who has never read The Wheel of Time, the high fantasy of sword and shield will sound familiar to those who have seen The Lord of the Rings, The Witcher, Game of Thrones, and even a little bit of His Dark Materials. The landscapes are stunning, the cities are reminiscent of the legendary ones we have seen before. The costumes are a riot of color and texture and the magical weaving looks interesting. In addition, there is a clear focus on women who work their magic for the good of the world. There are actors of color who play protagonist roles (with more already announced but not seen in the trailer) – and there is even a little sexy suggestion.

For the avid fans, there are many great things and more questions than answers. It’s nice to take a look at Lews Therin, the clear policy of the Ajahs – and Siuan, who looks absolutely outstanding and absolutely responsible. The wolf, the dagger, Tam! Shadar Logoth looks dark as it should be, and the terrible teeth and faceless features of that fade made me shudder – and was that Logain? I’m way too excited here.

The trailer states November 19th as the Prime Release Date, with the first three episodes released on that day, with the remaining five being revealed once a week through December 24th. No matter what, I have my plan. I’ll order pizza, I’ll snuggle up in my best pajamas and go to the couch to soak it all up. All greet the Lord of the Morning.