Acorn TV, specializing in UK and international television, has a busy June planned. The highlights of the Acorn TV programming in June 2021 include the first five episodes of the second series of Mrs. Fischer’s modern murder secrets, a documentary with eight episodes The real Manhunter that takes a look at the career of Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton and the entire second season of The Sommerdahl murders.

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Acorn TV June 2021 lineup

Monday June 7th

  • Mrs. Fischer’s modern murder secrets, Season 2 – Episodes 1 & 2 of 8

A spin-off from the Australian sensation Miss Fisher’s murder secrets, the swinging crime series of the 1960s Mrs. Fischer’s modern murder secrets follows the fearless and spirited migrant fisherwoman (Geraldine Hakewill, nominated with the Logie Award, Searched), the niece of world-class adventurer and private detective Phryne Fisher, who inherits a stroke of luck from her famous aunt and sets out to become an extraordinary truth herself. As murders continue to plague Melbourne’s 1964 streets, brave detective Peregrine Fisher tackles her most difficult task yet: juggling her career, the busy life of an adventurer, and her romance with Detective James Steed (Joel Jackson, Peter Allen: Not the boy next door, Gallipolli deadline.) Peregrine Fisher is playful, but never mocking, exuberant, but never naive. She continues her mission to live up to her famous aunt’s legacy, to find her way in times of change, and to change the world. (2 EPS, 2021)

  • Whitstable Pearl, Series 1 – Episode 4 of 6

It’s Christmas in Whitstable, and while everyone else is looking forward to some time out, Pearl Nolan (Kerry Godliman, Ricky Gervais’) After the live) has her hands full to balance the restaurant with her family responsibilities. When she receives a mysterious message warning her of a suspicious death, she knows that her work is cut out for her. (1 EP, 2021)

  • Wainwright is leaving, Series 2

Julia Bradbury returns with another six-part series of classic walks and climbs in the Lake District. Armed with Wainwright’s famous image guides, Julia will undertake some of the largest and most popular fur walks in the country, with aerial cameras tracking her over mountains and bodies of water. Prepare for stormy ridges, vanished villages, and animals carved into stone – and the only summit route Wainwright himself never finished. In sunshine and rain, Julia explores the breathtaking landscape that inspired the late Alfred Wainwright to create his beautifully designed travel guides. (6 EPS, 2007)

Monday June 14th

Recently portrayed by Martin Clunes in the hit drama Acorn TV Original ManhuntFormer Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton was with the police force for 30 years. During this career he led many of the most famous and successful homicide investigations of his generation. Though forever associated with the arrest and conviction of serial killer Levi Bellfield and night stalker Delroy Grant, his career was so much more than his conviction shows. Of the 37 murder cases he investigated, he resolved 35 with convictions. In this exclusive series, Sutton revisits the cases he cited, examining everything from the crime itself to the breakthrough when the suspect was identified and arrested. He will take the viewer on a journey from the moment the police were there, visiting key locations and explaining how he and his team gathered enough evidence to achieve a conviction. The real Manhunter includes contributions from other police officers and journalists who covered the cases, and offers an in-depth look at exactly what happens after the most violent crime is committed. (8 EPS, 2021)

  • Mrs. Fischer’s modern murder secrets, Season 2 – Episode 3 of 8

James (Joel Jackson) travels home to investigate the murder of a childhood friend on the eve of the year’s wedding. Peregrine (Geraldine Hakewill) digs into his investigation, but over time, old wounds will open to James and he will be reminded that for the Hartford Squattocracy he will only ever be the son of a farm laborer. Series description above. (1 EP, 2021)

  • Whitstable Pearl, Series 1 – Episode 5 of 6

Pearl Nolan (Kerry Godliman) is appalled when a mother and her young daughter are almost killed in a tragic boat accident. When their investigation leads to a toxic rivalry between two sailing clubs, Pearl is forced to face bitter memories of losing her own father to the sea. (1 EP, 2021)

  • The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Geraldine McEwan (Agatha Christie’s Marple) plays the imperious, unorthodox teacher Jean Brodie, who tries to fill her students, all of whom are impressive young girls, with a love of art and as much self-confidence as she has. Set in Edinburgh in the 1930s, this seven-part series is based on the novel by Muriel Spark, who viewed McEwan’s performance as the best representation of her iconic character. (7 EPS, 1978)

Monday June 21st

  • The Sommerdahl murders, Season 2

Based on Anna Grue’s bestselling novels, The Sommerdahl murders is a gripping take on the successful blue skies Nordic genre and is back with a new season. Detective Chief Inspector Dan Sommerdahl (Peter Mygind, Darkness – those who kill) investigates murders in a beautiful Danish coastal town with his best friend, Detective Flemming Torp (André Babikian, The protectors) and his wife Marianne (Laura Drasbæk, Parkstrasse), a criminal technician. But Dan’s years of dedication to the job have damaged his marriage, and when Marianne tries to get a divorce, Dan discovers that his rival for her affection is none other than his best friend. And everyone still has to work together to solve crimes. (8 EPS, 2021)

  • Mrs. Fischer’s modern murder secrets, Series 2 – Episode 4 of 8

The city is furious ahead of the prestigious Melbourne Kennel Club Championship dog show, but scandal looms when a snow groomer is murdered. While James Peregrine is still at a distance, Peregrine improvises and registers as the handler of the victim’s prize collie. Peregrine quickly realizes that there is no shortage of rivalry among dog owners and that the canine world is very similar to the human one, with female participants embarking on a much more challenging path to success. (1 EP, 2021)

  • Whitstable Pearl, Series 1 – Episode 6 of 6

When a gruesome discovery is made among the oyster beds, Pearl is forced to question the legends of her father’s disappearance. Together with DCI Mike McGuire, the two must investigate Pearl’s past, despite the danger it could pose to their present. (1 EP, 2021)

  • Wainwright Walks, coast to coast

In this edition of Wainwright is leavingAerial cameras follow Julia Bradbury of the Pennines, known as the “Spine of England”, across the breathtakingly rugged North York Moors to magical Robin Hood’s Bay. The Coast to Coast Walk was Wainwright’s last great endeavor and has become his greatest legacy – a beautifully simple proposition that connects three national parks that lie between the Irish and North Seas. (6 EPS, 2009)

Monday June 28th

  • Candice Renoir, Series 2 (USA only)

Candice Renoir (Cecile Bois, Gloria) is a funny heroine who is not afraid of a challenge. After interrupting her career for the past ten years, she comes to a port city in the south of France to resume work. Despite the apparent distrust of her team and the determination of her cynical boss to make her job difficult, she tries her best to turn her weaknesses into strengths by solving the most complex criminal cases while juggling her unpredictable personal life. (10 EPS, 2014)

  • Mrs. Fischer’s modern murder secrets, Series 2 – Episode 5 of 8

When the severed head of a gang member rumbles up the ball pit of a busy suburban bowling alley, Peregrine and James find themselves in the middle of a war between Mods and Rockers, two of Melbourne’s most feared teen gangs. They managed to restore their professional relationships somewhat, but when they uncover the killer and the secret life they led, both face the realization that a life of regret is consuming you from within. (1 EP, 2021)

In the port of Dublin, police are investigating the horrific discovery of 23 dead Eastern European illegal immigrants in a freight container. A car thief stumbles upon a laptop with dangerous data and disgraced journalist Terry Corcoran (Finbar Lynch, Stepping stone) meets a woman looking for her sister who she believes was sold on the sex trade in Ireland. Also with Orla Brady (The southwest winds.) (10 EPS, 2004 and 2005)