Adam Wingard tipped the co-write / direct face / off remake at Paramount

Just over a year after the project was announced, Paramount’s remake of the hit John Woo action thriller was in development Face / Off wins steam as Godzilla versus Kong Director Adam Wingard has pledged to co-write / direct the film, according to Variety.

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The remake will be directed by Wingard, who will co-write the script with frequent contributor Simon Barrett, whose previous credits include the 2016 Found Footage horror sequel Blair Witch, the 2014 thriller directed by Dan Stevens The guestwho have favourited 2011 horror comedy You are the next one and 2010 horror A terrible way to diewho were all directed by Wingard. Neal H. Moritz is also tasked with producing the project for Paramount, while David Permut, who produced the original, will serve as executive producer.

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Released in 1997 and directed by Woo from a script by Mike Werb (The mask) and Michael Colleary (Lara Croft Tomb Raider), the original film starred John Travolta as FBI agent Sean Archer and Nicolas Cage as the freelance terrorist and sociopath Castor Troy, archenemies on both sides of the law. When Troy sets up an atomic bomb in Los Angeles, but falls into a coma during the FBI arrest, Archer and his crew must go undercover as Troy using a special new technology that allows him to surgically exchange faces with the terrorist. When Troy wakes up and his face is gone, he takes on Archer’s identity, leading to a race against time to prevent the others from ruining their lives.

In addition to Travolta and Cage, Joan Allen (The Bourne Trilogy), Alessandro Nivola (The many saints of Newark), Gina Gershon (Don’t look up), Dominique Swain (Alpha dog), Nick Cassavetes (Prisoners of the spirit land), Colm Feore (For all of humanity) and CCH Pounder (NCIS: New Orleans).

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When it was released in the summer of 1997, the film received rave reviews from critics for the performances of its leads and hyper-stylized action sequences directed by Woo. It received an Oscar nomination for Best Sound Effects Editing and grossed over $ 245 million at the global box office.

(Image Credit: Jim Spellman / WireImage)