Creating a podcast should be straightforward – and we designed Spreaker Studio specifically for this purpose. As a combination of simplicity and powerful tools, we are constantly working to add new features that will allow users to refine their podcast in a user-friendly way. Now the opportunity to create Professional level audio just got easier with ours newly introduced microphone control on Spreaker Studio for iOS and Android devices.

How can microphone controls make my podcast great?

But it might seem like a simple attribute Volume can have a real impact on your program and how your message is delivered. Use your speaking volume to set the atmosphere for your podcast, create intrigue, riddles and deceptions with a quietly placed voice, show strength, power or aggression through a loud, booming vocal area. We know you’ll love to experiment with the possibilities.

Since not all microphones record and sound exactly the same, there is one additional control about how different voices and recordings sound. Combined with our Auto ducking function (which automatically lowers every track you play when you start speaking) – You can give your podcast a professional edge!

To use your microphone controls:

  1. Access Spreaker Studio from your iOS or Android device.
  2. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see one to the right of your microphone Icon with a graphic of the studio controls – click there.
  3. Here you can see the auto ducking function and microphone control.
  4. Play around with these features to get the most professional-sounding content
  5. Once you’re done, start recording your podcast!

Spreaker Studio Tools to Enhance Your Podcast!

We want everyone and everyone the ability to create, publish, distribute and analyze professional sounding recordings. For this reason, we introduced a number of functions over the last year to enable quick and simplified podcasting directly from the app: One-click / tap distribution, Trimming and cropping tool and Siri shortcutsare just a few of the powerful tools available to you.

Download or update the app to enjoy full voice control and all of our podcasting features!