AG Cook announced Apple Vs 7G, ​​a remix album of material released last year. The track list that you can see below includes remixes from artists such as Caroline Polachek, Hannah Diamond, No Rome, Oklou, Baauer, Boys Noize, GRRL, and others. The album will arrive on PC Music on May 28; Today’s announcement comes with the release of “Xcxoplex”, a rework of “Xxoplex” featuring Charli XCX. Check out the video below.

Last month, AG Cook published a long tribute to his late friend SOPHIE. Cook’s latest album, Apple, which came out last fall, was released shortly after the 49-song album 7G. Below is the cover and full track listing for the new remix album.

Apple versus 7G::

01 Oh yes (Caroline Polachek Remix)
02 Xcxoplex (Ft. Charli XCX)
03 Beautiful Superstar (EASYFUN Remix)
04 Be Hard (Oklou Cover)
05 H2O2 (ft. Denzel himself)
06 2021 (umru remix)
07 The Darkness (Remix) (Ft.Sarah Bonito & Hannah Diamond)
08 Lil Song (Unplugged) (With jonny beautiful)
09 Stargon (Boys Noize Remix)
10 lifeline (Ö Remix)
11 Alright (Dream Mix)
12 Airhead (Doss Remix)
13 gold leaf (GRRL Remix)
14 Today (dream mix)
15 The Darkness (Eartheater Remix)
16 Windows (no Rome Remix)
17 drink blood (caro <3 remix)
18 Beautiful Superstar (Baauer Remix)
19 Airhead (Ö & Canblaster Remix)
20 Soft Landing (Max Tundra Remix)
21 gold leaf (Supersaw Edit)