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I live in a city with a living typewriter history. Not only do I own my own Woodstock typewriter – something I have been chasing for a long time – and a beautiful Royal typewriter, but I like to think about the fact that one of the large wigs from a local typewriter company lived in my house. Nerdy? Indeed.

I enjoy looking at vintage typewriters and I like all types of typewriter flair. Stickers, mugs, prints – please let me drool.

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If you love typewriters and typewriter supplies, you will love this roundup of the typewriter fetish. Real vintage typewriters are not included, but I highly recommend finding them on Etsy or Ebay. Remarkable: Shipping can be very expensive because the weight of the typewriter is not insignificant. I looked for these places for a long time and then haunted the local antique shops until one ended up in them.

Sweet gifts for typewriter lovers

Typewriter tissue paper for wrapping the perfect gift. $ 6.

A beautiful and vibrant orange typewriter keychain. $ 14.

Choose your letter for this personalized typewriter key chain. $ 36.

Personalize this fun typewriter pillowcase for yourself or your favorite type enthusiast. $ 18 and above.

Keep your place with this type-key bookmark. $ 22.

The scrolls on that typewriter needle bring me! $ 13.

Leave a typewriter dangling from your neck. $ 12.

Keep all your important notes to yourself on this personalized typewriter notepad. $ 8.

A reminder for all of the writers out there to keep going. This neat vinyl typewriter sticker costs $ 3 and up.

Protect your tables from your drinks with these vintage typewriter coasters. I love the colors. $ 20.

For the tea fans out there, you probably NEED this vintage typewriter teapot. $ 65.

Honestly, who doesn’t need a typewriter cutting board? You can also personalize it. $ 39.

You will be thrilled to show off these dangling typewriter earrings. $ 13.

Hang this downloadable watercolor typewriter print in your favorite spot: where you would put a real typewriter when you don’t have one and where to keep yours if you have one. $ 6.

Keep your tie neat and tidy with a typewriter tie clip. $ 19.

How gorgeous and perfect is this retro typewriter print? $ 16 and more.

A good ornament has decorative purposes all year round. $ 16.

Keep your latte or coffee safe in this old typewriter mug. $ 18.

A typewriter bag is perfect for lugging your books around. $ 12 and above.

I love the image of a typewriter sticker on a laptop keyboard. $ 9 and more.

The perfect ring for a typewriter lover. Wear it when using your typewriter for a true meta experience. $ 22.

Slap these gold typewriter stickers in your planner. $ 4.

The perfect phone case for iPhone users is one with vintage buttons. $ 21.

This typewriter clip will keep you where you need to be in your planner or book. $ 4.

If you’re a fan of physical mail, be sure to grab some vintage typewriter postcards. $ 7.

It probably goes without saying, but no wardrobe is complete without a set of typewriter cufflinks. $ 24.

Washi tape is always adorable, but do some typewriters add it? Now it’s irresistible. $ 3.

Thank you, and when you think about your notes, these typewriter note cards are going to look great. $ 14 for a set of 10.

Imagine all the cool stuff you can do with this typewriter cloth. $ 10 for a yard.

Whether you use them as photo props, in a doll house, or as a decoration, these mini typewriters are fun to use. $ 5.