I’m stuck with you highlights the Allblk schedule for June 2021

AMC Networks released the streaming schedule for Allblk next month, previously known as the Urban Movie Channel. The schedule for Allblk in June 2021 includes the premiere of the second season of Beyond the pole, the fourth episode of A closer look with Marsha Ambrosiusand the season finale of I’m stuck with you among a range of television and movie add-ons for the black entertainment-focused streamer.

Allblk June 2021 schedule – new additions

Available June 3rd

Russell Walker (Blair Underwood, Deep Impact) has formed a new hip hop and rap label called Krush Groove, which has a stellar list of acts including Kurtis Blow and Run-DMC. Walker doesn’t have enough money to keep the label up, however, especially after Run-DMC scores a big single. As he struggles to fund the label, more and more rap groups like the Beastie Boys and LL Cool J are emerging on the New York hip-hop scene. The film is based on the beginning of Def Jam Records. Produced by Doug McHenry and Michael Schultz.

LOVE IS, a humorous drama about a modern power couple that balances successful careers and a beautiful family, takes inspiration from the real-life relationship between creators / executive producers Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil. Actor William Catlett (Black Lightning), Michele Weaver (Illegal), Clarke Peters (The cable) and Wendy Davis (Army women).

The witnesses of a fatal attack are attacked by someone or something after not helping the victim. Starring Kourtney Bell and Will Stout. Produced by Roman Dent, Ashleigh Snead, Andy Steinman and Andrew van den Houten.

  • Waka and Tammy: What the Flocka – Season 1 and 2

Legendary hip-hop favorites Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera master the challenges of married life. Meddle in-laws, raise a teenage daughter, remodel her home, and build Tammy’s bustling music career. Produced by Entertainment One Television.

Available June 7th

  • Beyond the pole – Season two premiere (episode premiere weekly on Mondays)

Atlanta’s hottest dancers switch from club work to life beyond the pole. Friendships are being tested, finances are buckled, but together these ladies are rushing to move beyond the pole. Produced by She’s A Movement Media Group.

Available June 10th

  • A closer look with Marsha Ambrosius – Episode 4

A Closer Look is a music documentary series that introduces R&B, soul and hip-hop artists whose songs top and continue to top the Billboard charts and reshaping the music industry. The series will highlight the artist’s career from the very beginning until today. Each episode will consist of a one-on-one interview between the show’s artist and producer, and will also highlight music videos / live performances, studio sessions, archive interviews, b-roll footage, and guest interviews. A Closer Look “at the artist’s career and life. This episode features the singer-songwriter Marsha Ambrosius. Produced by Mind of Two Entertainment.

  • I’m stuck with you – Season finale

Storybook celebrity couple Candace (Tammy Townsend, KC undercover) and Luvell (Timon Kyle Durrett, Queen Sugar) finally decide to push their breakup – until a new celebrity couple on the scene threatens to ascend their throne, downsize their brand and rob them of a career-defining opportunity. Now, Candace and Luvell are working harder than ever to fake their loving image as he balances a blooming romance as she decides what her heart wants and what her career needs. With special guest appearances by Vivica Fox (rich), Shanice, AJ Johnson (House party), Kenny Lattimore and more. Produced by Brenton Earley and Tina Marie Taliaferro.

Available June 17th

Ever since Moses Stanton (Henry Brown) closed the door to a violent past, the calm and thoughtful everyday life has run a small shop in the neighborhood and watches over his daughter (Tessa Thompson, Creed) who doesn’t know that he exists. As a young man Malik (Omari Hardwick, Super), claims to be a black Muslim doing good for the neighborhood. Moses takes him in as a partner, but soon realizes that Malik is nothing more than a drug dealer trying to destroy the neighborhood and Moses’ daughter. Therefore, Moses must become the man he used to be in order to save his beloved neighborhood and daughter. Produced by Carmen Madden and Monte Schulz.

Available June 24th

A former Special Ops soldier (Jaqueline Fleming, The quad) dusted off her old skills when terrorists kidnap her daughter and take control of America’s largest mega-church. Produced by Wes Miller, Leo Ohaebosim and Scott Seegmiller.

Millie (Halle Berry, Monsters Ball) is a hardworking, tough, and protective single mom from Los Angeles with a penchant for homeless children. Your neighbor Obie (Daniel Craig, Casino royale) is the local loose cannon – and the only white man – in an area largely inhabited by African Americans, Latinos, and Koreans. Given the high levels of racial tension, Millie and Obie seem unlikely allies. But after four of the officers accused of beating Rodney King are acquitted, the two must navigate the ensuing chaos in the city. Produced by Vincent Maraval.