Chicago-based singer, composer and clarinetist Angel Bat Dawid has released a new remix of Alan Braufman’s song “Sunrise” from the New York underground jazz of the 70s album from the 2020 album The Fire Still Burns. Listen down below.

Braufman has also announced a CD reissue of his 1975 album Valley of Search and a limited vinyl pressing of his 1972 Live at WKCR session.

“The fire is definitely still burning with Alan Braufman,” Dawid said in a statement. “His music, his heritage, the spirit, and most importantly, the history of the entire improvised music scene in downtown New York City are still ubiquitous and powerful in these new releases. I feel honored and grateful to be able to remix his beautiful, glorious hymn “Sunrise”. I had a lot of fun exploring new sounds and loved hearing the OG recording trunks. It was like having a personal intimate solo concert with some of my favorite musicians like James Brandon Lewis in my ear hole! I had a great time and I am very grateful! “

Angel Bat Dawid & Tha Brothahood’s album LIVE was released last year.