Animal Collective’s Josh “Deakin” and Brian “Geologist” Weitz have made a new documentary called Crestone, which follows a community of SoundCloud rappers who live in the eponymous desert city of Colorado. The film, written, produced and directed by Marnie Ellen Hertzler in association with Memory, will receive a PVOD release on Tuesday February 16 (via Utopia Media). A few days later, on February 19th, Domino Soundtracks will release Crestone (Original Score). Check out the Crestone trailer below and scroll down to view the LP graphic and track listing.

Marnie Ellen Hertzler shot and killed Crestone over a period of eight days. The film follows Hertzler as she visits an old high school friend, now known as Champloo Sloppy, and his fellow artists in Colorado. The film made its debut during the SXSW virtual festival last year.

“Living in the Sonoran Desert in the early 00s had a profound and profound influence on me, especially after several years in New York City,” the geologist said in a press release. “Since then, I’ve had a vague idea for a sound that would reflect that experience, but no project has ever led me to it. The images, sounds, stories and structures created and documented in Crestone have finally made it. Many thanks to Marnie, her crew, Dead God, the country and as always to my brother Josh for the inspiration and opportunity to work on this project. “

Deakin added:

I met Marnie while living in New Orleans for a short period in 2015, and we became friends very quickly. When she reached out to me about Crestone, I was very excited. It felt natural to ask Brian to be part of this project, since we’d worked as a duo on a couple of things over the past year. Having wanted to make a film for many years, this was an ideal first project to explore the process. For me, the first phase of developing the ideas for it was to bring up a scene, sit down at my piano, and improvise with the energy I was interpreting. In many cases this first pass was recorded and used in the final composition. This process of using pictures, characters, editing and practical sound as a kind of sheet of music to play with was really liberating and inspiring.

Crestone (original score)::

01 domed courtyard
02 Eye to the sky
03 Boxing & breathing
04 scavengers
05 Wake up, Ryan
06 Benz’s dream
07 Sloppy’s dream
08 sand that moves
09 About the Sangre de Christo
10 EBS
11 Sad boy is sleeping
12 Ramshack
13 Smoke & Broken Mirror
14 Zapata Falls
15 Oh California
16 Cotton Candy Heaven (Dead God Theme)