April 6th Blu-ray, digital and DVD releases

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New films on Blu-ray / DVD

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar.
From bridesmaid co-stars and co-writers Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, this comedy is about two best friends who leave their small town for the adventure of a lifetime.

Earwig and the witch
From the legendary Studio Ghibli, the makers of Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro, comes an enchanting film for the whole family. Earwig is a headstrong orphan with a love of adventure. When adopted by a selfish witch, she must master the art of magic and discover the mysterious song that holds the key to finding the family she has always wanted.

The billing
Grace is thrown in jail after being falsely accused of being a witch. She faces extreme physical persecution from a ruthless witch hunter.

Preparing to Be Together for an Unknown Period (DVD)
After 20 years in the United States, a Hungarian neurosurgeon returns to Budapest on a romantic date with a colleague she met at a conference. When the love of her life is nowhere to be seen, she tracks him down, only to tell the confused man that the two never met.

New editions

A woman like Eva
The celebrated actresses Monique van de Ven (TURKISH DELIGHT) and Maria Schneider (LAST TANGO IN PARIS) play the affair of a married woman with another woman together with Peter Faber (SOLDAT OF ORANGE) in the groundbreaking film A WOMAN LIKE EVE (1979) . Directed by pioneering filmmaker Nouchka van Brakel, this acclaimed film was a huge hit at LGBT film festivals and the Dutch entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards.

Western classics II
This collection includes three classic 1950s westerns: THE REDHEAD FROM WYOMING (1953), PILLARS OF THE SKY (1956), and GUN FOR A COWARD (1957).

The penitent’s whip
Films of exploitation were often torn from the most sensational headlines of the day, and few headlines were as scandalous as those reporting murder within the community of a masochistic religious cult in northern New Mexico. Los Hermanos Penitentes celebrated Lent with elaborate tableaus of flagellation, self-mutilation and crucifixion.

The delicious little devil
A delightfully daring silent comedy starring Mae Murray and Rudolph Valentino (The Sheikh), presented in a 4K restoration by Universal Pictures. Murray plays Kitty Maguire, the virtuous daughter of a laundress who loses her job as a hat check girl. She’s forced to make ends meet as a roadhouse cabaret dancer, but the only way she can get the job is if she pretends to be Gloria du Moine, the Duke of Sauterne’s (Bertram Grassby) infamous mistress.

The man looking for his killer
Before Robert Siodmak emigrated to the USA, where he produced classics like The Spiral Staircase and The Killers, he took a familiar premise of black comedy and turned it into a diabolical thriller. Heinz Rühmann portrays Hans, a desperate young man who decides to murder himself by hiring a burglar to commit the crime.

New to Digital HD

Hurt by Paradise (exclusive clip)
A young poet and aspiring actress pursue their creative dreams and support each other as they manage the balancing act between family responsibilities, modern dating, and the inevitable burden of limited finances.

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Running Naked (exclusive clip)
Teenage cancer survivors Ben and Mark seek fun and adventure after a message forced every character to change their perspective on life. Their friendship is put to the test as old wounds are opened and they discover their true selves.

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Space Dogs: Tropical Adventure (exclusive clip)
When a mysterious hot tub appears in the Atlantic, astronauts Belka and Strelka must act heroically again and complete a mission to save the planet along with the distant home of their new alien friends.

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Mapplethorpe Director’s Cut (exclusive clip)
Robert Mapplethorpe was one of the most famous and controversial artists of the 20th century. Mapplethorpe, The Director’s Cut features a brand new soundtrack and previously unseen footage of the artist’s childhood, his contested relationship with his father and the Church, as well as the nuances of his photo process and key relationships with Patti Smith and art collector Sam Wagstaff.

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Every Breath You Take
A psychiatrist whose client commits suicide finds his family life disrupted after introducing his surviving brother to his wife and daughter.

Roald Amundsen’s dream of reaching the North Pole haunted him all his life. He is obsessed with the idea of ​​discovering the world’s last unknown countries. While he wins the race against Robert Scott and becomes the first man to conquer the South Pole, Amundsen will sacrifice everything to be the first to explore the icy wastelands of the North Pole.

The believer
Lucas suspects his wife goes mad when she claims demons are waging war in their urban home. There’s growing creepy evidence that she might not really be crazy after all, but what she’ll tell him next is that he has to do the unthinkable.

Khalid: Free spirit
As a direct creative parallel to Khalid’s platinum album Free Spirit, Khalid and award-winning music video director Emil Nava expanded Khalid’s lyrics and artistry on the album to create a visual story of love, loss, and the pain of growing up.