The second season of the drama series Departure is now streaming on Peacock. The series stars Archie Punjabi and the late Christopher Plummer in his final role. ComingSoon met with Punjabi who share their personal connection with the Knife out Star.

“He was wonderful to us. I tell most of the journalists I’ve spoken to today that I felt a connection with him the moment I met him, and that has only grown and gotten stronger in the whole two years, ”Panjabi told ComingSoon. “The relationship between Kendra and Howard definitely reflected the depth of bond I felt with Christopher myself. That series of phone calls you see was difficult, especially the last one. He was great. He’s a phenomenal actor. He’s one of those rare actors who has this incredible power, and he’s just so addicting. There are many good actors out there, but few are as compelling as he is. When he’s on the screen, you can hear every word he says and you can’t take your eyes off him. “

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While her scenes were all over the phone in season two, Punjabi was able to react properly because she knew Plummer so well.

“I think it would be difficult to film and I had concerns when I read the script, but I think because I know Christopher well and he knows me well, I think we both knew how the other person did the scene would play. “” Admitted Panjabi. “So it turned out they weren’t that difficult to film and when I saw them when I saw the first cut I was amazed at how powerful they actually were when we thought the two of us weren’t talking to each other. I think that’s proof that you just get along, know each other, and probably correctly predict how the other person would read their lines.