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Romance writers are teaming up to support Haiti earthquake relief by offering signed copies of bestsellers, manuscript reviews, zoom chats, and more in the Romance for Haiti auction. Bids are available now through Friday, September 3 at 11:00 PM EDT, and all proceeds will go to local organizations working locally in Haiti.

🗣️Have you seen the Haiti Romance auction?
We have over 200 great items to bid on that will help Haiti earthquake relief efforts!
Go to the auction page and check it out 👇https: //
But first here’s a preview!

– Adriana Herrera * updates only * (@ladrianaherrera) August 26, 2021

On August 14, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, killing over 2,000 people, completely destroying over 50,000 homes and damaging over 75,000 more. In addition to leaving many Haitians homeless, the earthquake caused significant disruption to health facilities and damaged critical infrastructure such as roads and sewer systems during a global pandemic. The UN estimates that almost US $ 200 million in aid will be needed to respond to the local crisis in Haiti.

In response, the romance community took action to raise funds for local organizations in Haiti.

This isn’t the first time the romance world has raised funds forever. Last November, novelists teamed up for the Romancing the Runoff Auction, which raised funds for the Georgia runoff election. Authors of all genres have also participated in literary auctions such as the Books for Hope auction to benefit COVID Aid India, the Books for Palestine auction to provide emergency relief to Palestinian children, and the Kid-Lit Against Anti-AAPI racism auction to fight racism against Asians Americans and Pacific Islanders.

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The Romance for Haiti auction has an impressive selection of items to encourage fans to support earthquake relief. Many signed book packs are available, including the complete Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn, the Will Darling series by KJ Charles, a five-book bundle by Mia Sosa, and the complete Brown Sisters trilogy by Talia Hibbert. The auction also features zoom chats and manuscript reviews from authors such as Sarah MacLean, Eric Smith, and Lyssa Kay Adams. In addition to books and helpful links, the auction has something for everyone, from unique jewelry to subscription boxes to unique wines and more.

After just 12 hours in the weeklong auction, Romance for Haiti has already raised over $ 2,000 for its $ 5,000 goal. Check out the auction today and bid on items from your favorite authors to provide much-needed earthquake relief in Haiti. The call for applications runs until Friday, September 3rd.