Bomba Estéreo have released the new track “Conexion Total”. It’s a collaboration with Nigerian star Yemi Alade and is part of the new three-song EP Tierra that is out now. Tierra is the latest in a collection of EP releases being put together on Deja, the group’s new album due out September 10 (via Sony US Latin). Hear Tierra below.

“Working with Yemi is a great honor for us,” said Bomba Estéreo founder Simon Mejia in a statement. “Since we started our music has been deeply inspired by Africa in every way. Colombia’s folk music owes a lot to the mother continent, this powerful mix of African drums and marimbas, with local flutes and chants is the basis for the incredible soundscape of this country. Yemi is a great artist and has a great voice. We look forward to expanding the cultural and ancestral ties that connect Africa with South America. “

“I was very excited when Bomba Estéreo contacted us,” added Alade. “Actually, there is too little cooperation between Africa and Latin America, and one can almost say that they do not exist. I accepted immediately, I was overwhelmed by the idea of ​​exporting my African urban culture to the Latin American world and promoting Latin American culture in Africa. It’s like coming home. This kind of experience is unique and shows us how music knows no borders. “