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Books and kites: they just go together. For one, many of us were first drawn into the world of books through fairy tales or fantasy stories, with dragons lurking at the edge of the pages. They symbolize an epic story completely dissimilar to our world, in which fire can rain on you if the wrong creature displeases you. Dragons mean adventure, timeless stories, narratives on a wide scale! Also, readers are bookworms, wyrms are dragons, and that’s why a lot of people like to call themselves book dragons.

If you too dream of being a dragon guarding your bookstore, then you should start collecting these literal dragon decorations and accessories.

What better decoration could there be for your reading corner than this print of a dragon guarding his library? $ 15

An art print of a kite reading with children

Hang this reading kite art print in your child’s room to turn bookworms into book kites! $ 11-31, depending on size

Chinese kite print with upcycling dictionary pages

Most of the dragons on this list are of the western fantasy variety, but this Chinese dragon print with upcycled dictionary pages is perfect to hang on the wall between bookcases! $ 10

Cross stitch pattern of a dragon reading on a bookshelf

For the savvy reader, this cross stitch pattern of a reading kite will brighten up any room. $ 7

A face mask with a dragon happily laying its head on a pile of books.  The text says

Equip your library or bookstore visit with a face mask made of book dragon cotton! $ 15

A book medallion necklace with a dragon on the front

Hold a photo of your favorite reader in this book medallion with a dragon! $ 20

Three acrylic reading kite charms

Choose between fantasy, science fiction and horror acrylic charms with “Bookwyrm” – or get all three! $ 8 each or $ 20 for the set

A crocheted kite toy wearing glasses and reading a book

This crocheted reading kite toy models a beginners’ book love, including a detachable book and reading glasses! $ 44

A fleece kite toy with scrolls and a book

Or make your own toy using this pattern on a fleece reading kite that holds books and scrolls. $ 9

A kite reading sticker

I love that the dragon reading this sticker needs three reading glasses! $ 3

A dragon sticker rolled around a coffee mug on an open book

If you prefer your book with a cup of coffee, get this set of vinyl book dragon stickers. Are the ribbon bookmarks or kite tongues? Either way, they’re adorable. $ 7

Sticker of an adorable dragon sleeping on a pile of books

I couldn’t resist a final sticker showing an adorable dragon sleeping on a pile of books. $ 3

An enamel pin of a medieval-looking dragon with a book in its mouth

Nobody will doubt your book wyrm status with this dragon enamel needle. $ 10, or you can get the sticker version for $ 3

A red dragon sleeping on a pile of books with book wyrm on the spines

Another theme on the subject of “Sleeping dragon on a pile of books”, this time as an enamel pin. $ 11

An enamel needle of a dragon sitting on a pile of books reading, with a steaming mug next to it

Wear this giant book kite enamel lapel pin! $ 17

Little resin kite reading on an open book

Part of the appeal of dragons is their staggering size, but the final items on this list are all in miniature! This resin mini reading dragon is perfect for a fairy tale garden. $ 13

A tiny dragon encyclopedia

This tiny dragon encyclopedia is made for a doll’s house library. It costs $ 4.50 to download

Clay dragon figures, each on a book

These tiny clay dragons on books are different and the pose and colors you get are a surprise. $ 40

A tiny sculpture of a dragon skull next to an upright, open spell book and some jars of ingredients

If you are building a witch camp for a doll house, you will need this miniature dragon skull and spell book. $ 25

Have you already collected enough to make a book dragon hoard? These are just a selection of the literal dragon merchandise worth roaring about. There are enough dragon bookmarks and magazines for a completely different post, so stay tuned!

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