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Ready for a Bridgerton Sibling Quiz? There are eight of these so you have many possible outcomes. Are you independent and rebellious like Eloise? Artistic and romantic like Benedict? Loyal and caring like Colin? There’s even Gregory, Francesca, and Hyacinth who we didn’t learn much about on the Netflix series … but who have their own fascinating personalities and impotent love stories.

The Netflix series, which is based on the Julia Quinn novel series, was seen by over 82 million households in its first month. This made Netflix the most watched series of all time. The show also resulted in the books becoming bestsellers for the first time, nearly 20 years after The Duke and I were first published. I have no problem calling the bodice ripper romance a hit! Maybe even a pop culture phenomenon! Especially when you consider how Hollywood has ignored romance novels as a source material for decades.

I too hopped on the trend of reading Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton novels, but worked my way through all eight books in the original series. Each book presents a happy life for an alphabetically named sibling of the bin. The first season of the series mainly gave us information about Daphne, Anthony and the other older siblings. But the books show how Bridgerton’s younger siblings have stories as exciting as their older brothers and sisters.

I used what I learned from reading the series to create this Bridgerton quiz. First, answer the following 12 questions about your thoughts on Bridgerton, historical romances, tropes of history, and more. Then the quiz tells you which sibling from the series you like best. So lace up your (metaphorical) corsets and get ready to find out which Bridgerton sibling you are!

I hope you have the Bridgerton sibling you were hoping for. If not, you can repeat this Bridgerton quiz over and over until you get the correct answer (that’s exactly what Eloise would do … and I know half of you hope to get it anyway). If you want to read more about Bridgerton, take this Bridgerton quiz, read about Bridgerton’s decision to cast black actors, or check out this list of books like Bridgerton. You can also just look back at Bridgerton … which I will likely do as soon as I finish writing.

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