BritBox Reveals What’s Coming On The Streamer In April 2021

BritBox has unveiled its April streaming list, including the new BritBox original thriller series Gracefulness with John Simm (Life on mars, Doctor Who) and Richie Campbell (Top boy, The Frankenstein Chronicles) and written by Russell Lewis (Endeavor), based on the bestselling series Roy Grace by British author Peter James. The lineup also includes the new comedy series Kate & Koji Award winners Brenda Blethyn and Jimmy Akingbola are making their North American debut, along with the tenth anniversary of the beloved Mystery Death in paradisewho returns on April 6th.

You can check out the full April lineup below!

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Available April 1st

ambassador | New to BritBox, exclusive | 3 x 50

Starring the famous comedy duo David Mitchell (Upstart Crow, The bleak old store of things) and Robert Webb (The bleak old store of things, Peep show), Ambassadors is a sharply written comedy-drama that follows the lives of the staff at the fictional embassy in Tazbekistan.

Hi-de-Hi! S1-9 | New to BritBox, exclusive | 48 x 30, 6 x 35, 1 x 40, 1 x 45, 1 x 60

Welcome to Maplins Holiday Camp, the UK’s premier holiday camp where sun-drenched summer never ends and we hope you will enjoy your stay. This BAFTA award winning comedy directed by Jimmy Perry (late 1950s / early 1960s) is setPapa’s army) and David Croft (Papa’s army, ‘Allo’ Allo!) finds the poorly sorted staff and their guests all at sea by the sea. The entertainment staff return to Maplins Holiday Camp to find that the camp is now run by a former college professor, the well-meaning but dreamy academic Jeffrey Fairbrother, who is in stark contrast to his team. After initial clashes, the team finds that they are on the same side and facing far greater challenges for vacationers.

The Brittas Empire S1-6 | New to BritBox, exclusive | 43 x 30

Despite its ambitions and good intentions, everything seems to go wrong at the Whitbury New Town Leisure Center when manager Gordon Brittas (Chris Barrie, Red dwarf) Is in the area. Well-intentioned but largely incompetent, Brittas frequently upsets his co-workers, his wife Helen, and the public as he repeatedly brings chaos into their lives. Brittas is too busy building a Nero-style empire to realize he’s the problem. He plays around happily while Rome burns.

This time with Alan Partridge S1 | New to BritBox | 6 x 30

Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan, Cruise of the Gods) is handed over the career of a lifetime: the chance to co-host a weekday magazine show. But can he take the opportunity? Knowledgeable, insightful, ingenious – Alan Partridge isn’t one of them. But even after hitting its low point of total obscurity and medical addiction to Toblerone, this indomitable station continues to recover. This type of format can go from a moving piece about child soldiers in West Africa to a VT about a vegetable growing competition in Yorkshire in no time at all. Given the multitude of topics covered, it would be dizzying even for a seasoned moderator to find the right tone.

Available April 3rd

Easter of kings 2021 | North American premiere, exclusive | 1 x 75

Celebrate Easter with music and readings from King’s College Chapel in Cambridge. With seasonal anthems from the world-famous choir and readings, Easter From Kings offers the rare opportunity to spend the vacation amid the beauty of King’s College Chapel.

Available April 6th

Death in paradise S10 | North American premiere, exclusive | 8 x 60 | Broadcast weekly

The hugely popular comedy drama is back on the tenth anniversary with its usual combination of bewildering murders, intriguing puzzles, and famous guest stars. Against the breathtaking backdrop of the sunny Caribbean island of Saint Marie, the tenth season offers surprises, including the return of a familiar face and new characters appearing on land. The arrival of twins is the least of any challenge for JP as a newcomer and his work push him to his limits. Meanwhile, Selwyn is in the line of fire and Catherine is in grave danger following the death of a friend.

Available April 8th

Question Time 2021 | North American premiere, exclusive | NOW

NOW’s main programming will return to BritBox for a brand new season. The 40-year-old BBC institution continues to give the public from around the world a voice and the ability to have their questions answered by panelists, who are usually made up of political figures from all parties, journalists and union leaders (although we are in see more celebrities and comedians in recent years). Presented by Fiona Bruce, who chaired after David Dimbleby in January, the current affairs program maintains its healthy debates amid chaos and controversy.

Available April 13th

Kate & Koji S1 | North American premiere, exclusive | 6 x 30

With award-winning talent Brenda Blethyn (Vera, Secrets & Lies) and Jimmy Akingbola (Ted Lasso, arrow), Kate & Koji follows the unlikely friendship between Kate, a working-class woman who runs an old-fashioned seaside cafe, and Koji, an African asylum-seeking doctor. Though they come from very different worlds, they resemble each other in ways they don’t recognize, including a dogged determination never to step back. not realizing it, including a dogged determination never to step back. Produced by Hat Trick Productions (Celebrity mastermind, Derry Girls) for ITV the series was filmed in the picturesque coastal town of Herne Bay in Kent in south-east England.

Available April 20th

Antiques roadshow S40 | New to BritBox | 26 x 60

The Antiques Roadshow is a national and international treasure and has delighted the public for many years. And now the historically fascinating series is celebrating its 40th anniversary with an episode at the magnificent Castle Howard in Yorkshire. Against the breathtaking backdrop of one of the largest mansions in Great Britain, experts invite the public to bring their antiques for inspection. Other episodes in this standout series feature the show’s great locations and intriguing antiques, including a possible Renoir sketch, a rare letter from Charles Darwin, and some precious diamond earrings that have almost been lost in the mail.

Available April 27th

Gracefulness | BritBox Original, North American Premiere, Exclusive | 2 x 90 I per week

Based on Peter James’ bestselling series Roy Grace and written by Russell Lewis (Endeavor), John Simm (Life on mars, trauma) stars as the restless but unrelenting DS Roy Grace, who dedicated his life to the job in this brand new thriller. When the drama starts, his career is down. He was exiled to investigate long-forgotten cold cases, and the disappearance of his beloved wife Sandy still haunts his mind. After another reprimand for his unorthodox methods, Grace risks being relocated from the job he loves most. With so much at stake, colleague Detective Sergeant Glenn Branson (Richie Campbell) knows Grace has more to give and asks him for help on a case. After a bachelorette party seems to have gone wrong, the groom – a successful property developer with all he can live for – disappeared. With nothing but instinct, a lingering suspicion, and his obsessive nature, Grace tenaciously pursues the truth.

* This is the first of two stand-alone customizations BritBox will release.

Available April 30th

Rough Diamond (2005) | New to BritBox | 1 x 120

David Jason (A touch of frost) plays Diamond Geezer Des, a longtime prison inmate who uses his cheeky charm to carry out great thefts under various guises. Trusted by inmates and prison guards alike, Des is a simple soul who would not harm a fly. He comes across as a frail old man who is honest, open, and has the respect of most inmates and prison guards. Little do they know that Des is a master of disguise and that being in prison is part of his brilliant plan. He needs the perfect alibi for the perfect crime – stealing precious diamonds from fellow inmates and notorious bullies Benny. He takes the petty theft criminal Phil under his wing to work out the devious and dangerous plan.

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