With the wildly entertaining cartoon series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous After ComingSoon debuted its third season earlier this week, he reached out to executive producer Scott Kreamer. The showrunner revealed some interesting behind-the-scenes details about the production and even shared legendary director Steven Spielberg’s initial reaction to the show.

Here is the plot summary for season 3:

The campers cover more details from Dr. Wu’s secret research and must quickly take their fate into their own hands with a dangerous plan to leave Isla Nublar behind for good. But when a tropical storm delays their departure, campers quickly face a deadly new threat that puts their escape and life in extreme danger.

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Jeff Ames: It’s crazy to think we’re already into season three of Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous. How did this project originally come about?

Scott Kreamer: Zack Stentz brought the idea to Universal or DreamWorks. Over the years a Jurassic Park animated series was made, it was always talked about, and then I think when Zack got this idea of ​​putting kids at the top of the show – that was a pretty good idea – and I think everyone just said, “Well there it is, and we just took it and ran with it.”

Ames: One of the best things about the show is all of the new dinosaurs that you can show off. How much freedom do you have to introduce and play with these creatures?

Creamer: Well, there are no guard rails. There’s a list in the Universal Franchise Manual – I don’t know if we’re allowed to talk about this stuff, it’s secret stuff – but there’s a list somewhere of every dinosaur that might be plausible on Isla Nublar. Some are mentioned or mentioned in the movies … So, you know, it’s a pretty long list. We started with that. We couldn’t just take any dinosaur we made up.

Ames: Although the series is aimed at children, it doesn’t shy away from violence and you actually see these monsters in pretty intense situations. What’s the secret between striking the right balance between family-friendly adventure and full survival horror?

Creator: I wish there was a secret! (Laughs) It’s kind of a balancing act. We were lucky to have great partnerships with DreamWorks and Universal, as well as Netflix. But there have been times when someone thought we were going too far and we try to get to that line. When Zack, myself, and the DreamWorks team took the show to Netflix, we said, “There’s never really going to be gore on the show or on camera, but when that feels like one law Project, it has to feel like in this world. The stakes must be real. “You know, you can’t let every adult and every child get away with it and dust off – that was close! You don’t buy it. We opened it immediately. People have to die, otherwise it won’t Jurassic Park.

Ames: Do you have any examples from previous seasons where you had to scrap a scene because of its intensity?

Creator: There weren’t really any scenes taken out, but sometimes the music is tweaked a bit … we have these off-camera deaths that have a lot of yelling and sometimes the guys at Sound Rebels are going to sound graphic chewing or breaking or something like that. So, I would say more than not, there we said, “Okay, maybe this blood-clotted scream can stop a little sooner” or, “Maybe a person’s chewing doesn’t have to sound quite as graphic. “I would say that’s probably the greatest thing we do.

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Ames: Are there certain dinosaurs that you would like to see in future seasons that you have not yet been able to explore?

Creator: Yes I would say if we are lucky enough to have future seasons there will be more dinosaurs that I would love to see. Also the old dinosaurs, there are some cool ones that we have that we haven’t seen yet that I would love to see. I mean, look at our hearts, we’re all eight year old kids. We want to see some cool dinosaurs!

Ames: This show is full of Easter eggs. Are there any hidden gems fans should watch out for in Season 3?

Creator: I like that too! In Season 3 we visit some familiar locations from previous films that fans will love. We always try to lay as many Easter eggs as possible without them feeling free or with shoes on. They are there for people who are looking. We refer to all films. There is something for everybody.

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Ames: When you first started the series, was this where you imagined the show’s headline or did things change based on the reaction from the fans?

Creator: I would love to say we did it for the fans. Things change naturally. You will start out mapping a number of seasons and then as you get into it and learn more about these characters. Things change, but as we learned more about the characters and got deeper into the world, things have shifted here and there. But overall, I think that this is the trajectory that we – broadly – would be heading towards in the beginning.

Ames: Is there a chance any of these characters or storylines will ever make it into the live action series?

Creator: Well, I can tell you that there are things that happen on the show that set things up that will be in Jurassic World: Dominion. As far as any of our characters appear in a live action movie, I think that’s pretty awesome. Never say never, but I don’t know if that would happen, but it would be pretty cool if it did.

Ames: Steven Spielberg is executive producer on the series – did you see his reaction to Camp Cretaceous when he first saw it?

Creator: It wasn’t my first time there, but just before the quarantine began, Steven came to our DreamWorks campus in Glendale, California and spoke and conducted Q&A with everyone at DreamWorks for an hour. It was really cool. Then, just as that ended, me and some other people on the crew were running around and we showed Steven through it all. We walked him through the characters and then I took him upstairs to our production area and walked him across the floor and he loved it. It was really cool. He got the characters right away.

He had really cool stories, thoughts and questions, but also lots of cool directorial questions about the percentage that was spent on custom lighting and the like, but he loved it and I think everyone on the crew got a huge load of it on the day as he just came in and walked section by section. Once he was walking past a monitor that one of our production coordinators was watching a scene from season one, and the poor boy was so nervous – he couldn’t get the sound going. But Steven was wrapped up, he saw it without the sound. And then I said, “Okay, I think we might be up to something here.” So, yeah, he dug it up. He asked a lot of great questions and it was obviously important for me and for all of us to get his seal of approval.

Ames: What do you look forward to the most when the fans see this season?

Creator: I really like this season. Given the evolution of these kids, who run into threats they have never met – that no one has met on the series or in the franchise – we go to locations from previous films and do things we haven’t done before we see dinosaurs that we haven’t found before. I enjoyed the season very much. We made it very difficult for these children again; and see them fight to overcome – i think it’s action, fun, dinosaur and character wise. I’m really, really digging this season and I hope everyone else does too.

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