The Italian synthesizer composer Caterina Barbieri, who lives in Berlin, has brought together some famous guests to revise her song “Fantas” for a new album. Fantas Variations, released April 2 through Editions Mego, features eight rearrangements of the opener Ecstatic Computation, which was originally released in 2019.

Artists include Kara-Lis Coverdale, Kali Malone, Nyege Nyege producer Jay Mitta and – in a vocal piece conducted by Evelyn Saylor – Lyra Pramuk, Annie Garlid and Stine Janvin. In a press release they are all described as “friends and long-time employees with different musical backgrounds” who are “committed to a more sustainable and inclusive landscape in terms of style, geography, gender and generational equality”. Listen to Bendik Giske’s version for saxophone and voice.