Cautious Clay’s first full-length album is out this summer. It’s called Deadpan Love and it’s due out June 25th via The Orchard. The singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist also shared the new song from the LP “Karma & Friends”. Check out the music video as well as the LP artwork and track list below.

Deadpan Love includes “Agreeable”, “Roots” and “Dying in the Subtlety” which Cautious Clay released as singles last year. He released an EP called Table of Context in 2019, the same year Taylor Swift tried Cautious Clay’s earlier track “Cold War” for her song “London Boy”.

For the new album, Cautious Clay worked with co-authors such as Tobias Jesso Jr., Jim-E Stack and Daniel Nigro. Deadpan Love also offers the Saba collaboration “Strange Love”.

Deadpan love::

01 High Risk Travel
02 shook
03 Karma & friends
04 Strange love [ft. Saba]
05 box of bones
06 I agree
07 Dying in subtlety
08 Why is your tone so careful?
09 Artificial irrelevance
10 Whoa
11 wildfire
12 spinners
13 roots
14 bump stick