CHAI remixed a track by New York based collective MICHELLE and shared a new version of “FYO” with a colorful video. Check it out below.

MICHELLE first released FYO in late January, and the title addresses the difficulty of navigating between multiracial identities. The band made a brief statement about working with CHAI on the track:

CHAI’s revision of “FYO” breathes new life and new sound into what it means to grow up in a certain state of suspension. Connecting audiences and languages ​​around the world in this way with this particular track means a lot to us as a band and we hope for our listeners too.

CHAI shared their own thoughts on the collaboration:

We can’t get enough of the romantic and nostalgic sounds of MICHELLE! They are like everything we’ve heard this year! WE LOVE YOU MICHELLE ♡♡♡ !! ♡♡♡ I would say waking up first thing in the morning and listening to MICHELLE is the best! ♡ ⭐︎ ♡ Crazy how I added them to my playlist and the next thing I know we got a call about a collaboration! And of course we said “YES!” Without hesitation. right away. ♡♡ And this song that we did together … it’s super relaxing, isn’t it ?! ♡♡ MICHELLE’s amazing vibe is the most striking and WE LOVE IT! They have something that we do not have and that we admire most ♡♡

MICHELLE released her debut album HEATWAVE in 2018 and returned in 2020 with the singles “SUNRISE” and “UNBOUND”.

CHAI’s next album, WINK, will be out on May 21 via Sub Pop. So far they have shared the LP “ACTION”, “Maybe Chocolate Chips”, “Nobody Knows We’re Having Fun” and “Donuts Mind if I Do”.