Amazon Prime Video has released new character collages and descriptions for panicThe show was written and created by Lauren Oliver, based on her New York Times bestselling novel of the same name. You can check out the character descriptions below along with the collages and the official poster in the gallery!

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The Amazon Original Series takes place in a small town in Texas, where graduating seniors compete against each other in a series of challenges each summer. The winner takes whatever, in their opinion, is the only chance to escape their circumstances and improve their life. But this year the rules have changed – the pot of money is bigger than ever and the game has become even more dangerous. Players will face their deepest, darkest fears and be forced to choose how much to risk to win.

Olivia Welch (Fear Street) plays Heather Nill. Heather is a talented writer, but she knows that in real life you can’t imagine a happy ending. As a self-proclaimed pragmatist, she intends to get her accounting certification in hopes of building a stable life as soon as possible.

Jessica Sula (SPLITS) plays Natalie Williams. Natalie’s aspirations include moving to California and becoming an actress, just like her mother. The grandeur of their ambitions and their disregard for the practical aspects believe in the discipline and perception that comes from growing up as a deputy sheriff’s daughter.

Mike Faist (West Side Story) portrays Dodge Mason, the new kid in town who floated almost invisibly through his senior year of high school. Uniformly level-headed – almost aloof – Dodge’s tolerance of danger is possibly a product of his background in saddle bronze … or symptomatic of a much deeper level of violence within him.

Ray Nicholson (Now everything is) plays Ray Hall. Boastful, disgusting, and provocative, Ray comes from a long line of criminals and followers – and is more than happy to be the public bearer of this proud legacy. After being told all his life that he is not going anywhere, Ray’s strength comes in nihilistic form – no future means no fear of what is to come.

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Camron Jones (Grown) plays Bishop Moore on the series. Bishop is a good kid – anyone in carp would tell you that. Friendly, funny, sweet; an all-round athlete and a solid A / A student; Bishop fulfills the expectations of both the ward and his father, the chief judge of the district court. But a lifetime of inherited pressures has started to take its toll.

Enrique Murciano (pedigree) portrays Sheriff Cortez. Sheriff Cortez is a man who carries the coat of his office heavy. He is haunted by losses, estranged from his grieving wife, and single-mindedly focused on what he can control: stopping the game.

Moira Kelly (A tree hill) plays Laura Cortez, the wife of Sheriff Cortez. Laura Cortez died in mourning after the death of her son and was imprisoned in the past – and has her own secrets.

Nancy McKeon (The facts of life) plays Jessica Mason, Dodge’s single mother. Nice, wild, a fighter. More than anything, she cares for her two children and has uprooted family life to seek justice for her daughter who was the victim of an escape that put her in a wheelchair for life. She also has an affair with Sheriff Cortez.

Rachel Bay Jones (Dear Evan Hansen) portrays Sherri Nill. Sherri is a single mother, aged seventeen. She has become insecure with life and seeks refuge in the wrong places – especially with alcohol, drugs and bad men. She loves her children but doesn’t know how to take care of them. Their temperament, their harshness and their volatility obscure their vulnerability and their belief in their unworthiness.

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panic is created, written and produced by Lauren Oliver and produced by Joe Roth, Jeff Kirschenbaum and Adam Schroeder. Lynley Bird and Alyssa Altman are serving as co-executive producers. Panic is produced by Amazon Studios.