Spreaker Studio iOS 11 Make it even easier to choose your sounds for your podcast

Music libraries are becoming more and more scattered bags of musical treasures: some albums are in folders on your device, some songs are only stored in iCloud, some tracks are shared with you via Dropbox. So when you upload music to your podcast, you want to be able to easily access your library, however widespread it is!

This is what our podcasting community shared with us, and we want podcasting to reflect the way you work best. By recording and editing your content with Spreaker Studio on your iPhone or iPad, you can create podcasts on the go. With the new iOS update, you can now insert media files that you have on your device both locally and directly in the cloud. without having to shuffle them into a single folder first.

In Spreaker Studio, go to the recording page and cut off the + sign to add content. Click the Browse button to search your device and add music to your playlist, or add new effects from your own collection.

With iOS 11, your choices aren’t limited to the content of the Apple Music app. Search ALL of your saved files. And on the iPad iOS 11, you can Drag and drop from your documents folder:

Free your music! Whether it is to break up segments of an episode with a fresh sound or to enrich your content with background music, Additional audio elements make your podcast stand out. And when you have complete control over these tracks and sound effects, the sky’s the limit.