Haley Fohr has announced that their next album is on the way as Circuit des Yeux. It is titled -io and will be released on October 22nd via Matador. “Dogma” is the first single from -io. Check out the music video below.

-io is Fohr’s first Circuit des Yeux album in four years, after Reaching for Indigo in 2017. She shared a brief statement on “Dogma”:

Where there is faith, there is violence. The history of civilization is complicated and overlaid with dogmas. There is both a beacon and an instinct at the driving force of each individual. The fool follows the outside while the idiot chases their inside. Society is a necessary subversion of the self. Over time, our quiet alarms grow with great intensity until emancipation through implosion or explosion is imminent.

Last year Fohr returned to her Jackie Lynn alter ego for the full-length Jacqueline.


01 Tonglen | Vain
02 disappear
03 dogma
04 The hunt
05 Shaping the Exodus
06 Towards winter
07 argument
08 neutron star
09 stranger
10 Oracle song