Universal Studios Hollywood will reopen with the new The Secret Life of Pets Ride

Jurassic World: The Ride reveals an improved finale and The secret life of pets: Off the Leash makes its debut at the reopening of Universal Studios Hollywood. CS was there yesterday for the special park preview of the pass holder (disclosure: this author has a season ticket!) to find out about the new updates and guidelines of the theme park in advance of the public opening. As of the launch date, Universal Studios Hollywood will only be open to California residents until restrictions may be lifted in mid-June, California government officials say.

Universal Studios Hollywood

After waiting more than a year we were able to go back and check out The secret life of pets: Off the Leash, the newest ride to join an area with lighted illumination images. Pets Place took over the strip that once housed The Walking Dead attraction, and now instead of hordes of zombies, there are hordes of cute and cuddly pets. The new dark ride is based on The secret life of pets Franchise is innovative in terms of what we’ve seen for family attractions with young children. Filled with impressive technologically advanced figures of the furry characters from the films, the ride delights with practical effects at the center. The use of projection mapping and screens only enhances the impressive journey of the ride, which is filled with (p) fantastic set pieces and incredible attention to detail to take you on an adventure with something new to see every time. Kind of an understatement to say it’s the cutest ride ever, even if you’re not familiar with the pets from the movies. They’ll steal your heart, and yes, Max, Snowball, Gidget, Chloe, and Duke can all be bought by the gift shop.

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Universal Studios Hollywood

If thrills are more your speed – although we really highly recommend riding pets, you’ll be amazed to know that Jurassic World The ride has completed the finale of the attraction. In 2019, the ride originally reopened after being updated to reflect the latest films in the franchise, but had a delay in delivery from Dino-Power. Drivers witnessed the classic T-Rex encounter and a glimpse of Blue the Raptor, but the Indominus Rex, as promised, didn’t make its debut. It was well worth the wait for the newest icon in the Jurassic franchise as it was ready for its close-up and we weren’t prepared. Oh no, not at all ready to see how far too terribly real Indominus Rex run towards our boat. Sure, you can find passageways online to take a look, but they don’t compare to being under an animatronic over 22 feet tall and 55 feet long. Shuddering to think of the fluidity of the movements, her blinking eyes and those TEETH. Your brain is barely going to process this totally not real but real living being roaring in your petrified face as you greet the leap back to civilization. Do not worry. There’s an Isla Nu bar if you step out to top off the tiki drink experience.

Overall, it was nice to be back in the work studio’s theme park to spend a safe and spacious day. As much as we love the new rides, the main attraction will always be the Studio Backlot tour that takes us to Amity Island to see another set jawface King Kong in Skull Island and even join in Fast and Furious Crew for a ride through real movie sets during the tour. There are also magical adventures in Hogsmeade Village, which currently has large rides in operation as well as amazing experiences and goodies from the wizarding world of Harry Potter. And finally, there was one strange thing we saw of that Transformer: The driving queue. A wall went around the construction area, announcing that Super Nintendo World would be coming to Universal Studios Hollywood. Could we also get the Mario Kart ride that just opened at Japan’s Universal Studios ?! We look forward to finding out!

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Universal Studios Hollywood

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