CS Video: Cowboys Interview with Writer / Director Kerrigan & Star Bell

As the Tribeca favorite drama was preparing for its release, ComingSoon.net had the chance to chat with writer / director Anna Kerrigan and star Jillian Bell (godmother) to discuss their work Cowboys. Our interview can be viewed in the player below!

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Tooth (Uncle Frank) plays Troy, a troubled but well-meaning father who recently separated from his wife, Sally. Horrified by Sally’s refusal to let her trans son Joe live as his authentic self, Troy runs with Joe into the wilds of Montana. Meanwhile, a police officer is chasing her, but her resolve to deal with the case will be tested the more she learns about Joe’s family.

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In addition to Zahn, Jillian Bell (The night before, workaholics), Ann Dowd (The Maid’s Tale, The Leftovers, Rebecca), Sasha Knight in his debut role Gary Farmer (First cow, ghost dog: the way of the samurai, The dark chasm) and Chris Coy (The walking dead, the two, the killing of two lovers).

The film was written and directed by Anna Kerrigan in her first feature film project since her debut in 2010. Five days passedand is supported by Kerrigan together with Gigi Graff (Catfight, Tyrel), Chris Parker (Palm Springs) and Dylan Sellers (Palm Springs when the branch breaks) with Anil Baral (Die hard with a might) and Alex Dong (Palm Springs) attached as executive producers.

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Cowboys is now in virtual cinemas and on PVOD!

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