(Updated September 2019)

Velvet ropes are seductive. We all want to get into the riddle, be one of the few who enjoy what’s behind them. Their attraction lies in their exclusivity; Not everyone can go back there. And it’s an ingenious but simple marketing tactic that rewards and attracts both current fans and customers.

But how can you apply? Exclusivity for your podcast when it is public and accessible to all?

Spreaker offers a solution that allows you to share your episodes with a select few listeners: Introduction of private episode sharing (and from September 2019 also private podcast sharing)!

And it’s a feature that you can operate both in front of and behind the scenes. Here’s how you can use private episode sharing to delight listeners and improve the podcasting process.

Set up episodes with restricted access

Create exclusive content that only a Select some listeners can access is a great way to say thank you. If the listeners have been there from the beginning or have taken a certain action – e.g. For example, if you donated to your podcast or bought one of your products – you can do so Reward them with an episode you and only you can hear that. And that special content can be anything you want, from teaser trailers to shortened extras to sneak peeks into the real secret of your success. All you have to do is make sure that the quality of this additional content is high. You want to entice audiences who can’t get around to doing whatever it takes, and that in turn will bring you more plays, donations, and customers.

Exclusive content can also be the main method Monetize your podcast. Your podcast could be the product that you sell to customers. For example, let’s say you offer language courses over the course of a podcast season. You can set it up so that only those who pay for the course can get the private link or access the page it is embedded on. That way, your podcast is your business.

Create an internal podcast for your company

Podcasting has become a popular medium for internal communication in companies of all sizes. Actually, Corporate podcasts overtake corporate newsletters. Podcasts can not only announce company milestones and give star employees the public recognition they deserve Bring out the corporate culture to distant workers and bridge time zones. And with special private links to episodes that only employees can access, sensitive information can stay internal.

Improve the flow of production

Private sharing can be especially useful if you are still in the production phase of your podcast. Co-hosts, producers or sponsors can You will need to access your episode before making it public: To review the final changes, make sure commercials are where they are needed and check that the content is as current and relevant as it was when it was first shot. Plus, sharing an episode in its final form as it is intended to be heard is quicker and clearer than sending a huge MP3 file over an email or cloud network.

How to share your private episode

Sharing private episodes is available to everyone Per user who have updated on that Transmitter, anchorman and station Plans. You can get a special link that the episode can access through the CMS.

Of the CMSSelect the podcast that the episode belongs to and from there select the episode you want to share.

You can edit the “Visibility” in the episode settings. Change it to “Restricted Access”. A new link will appear that you can copy and paste anywhere.

You also have the option to add one private episode embedded player into a page that you control access to.

Are you ready to try it yourself? Access the CMS and get your link!

If sharing private episodes isn’t enough and you want to make your entire podcast private, you can too! Check out why Private podcast sharing has even more advantages for your podcast in our blog post.

If you can’t access Private Episode Sharing, upgrade to a Sender, anchorman or station Start planning to share exclusive content now!