You should grow your podcast audience on a regular basis, investing as much time and passion as you would into creating and recording each of your podcast episodes. However, marketing your podcast can be frustrating. There are so many shows out there. It’s just getting harder to make your podcast stand out from the crowd. The good news, however, is that an audiogram can help your show catch the attention of potential listeners.

“More involved than a GIF, less engaging than a video, these are like little tasty flavors to tempt passers-by to commit to an entire meal.”

– Lindsay Friel, The podcast host

In fact, Headliner conducted a study that shared a podcast episode on Facebook in two different ways, including using a static image versus an audiogram, and the audiogram generated five times the results and traffic. The static image generated 118 clicks and the audiogram generated 660 clicks. An audiogram is a static image that is converted into video by placing audio, waveform, and transcriptions.

Like Podcast insightsWhen podcasters don’t have a video podcast, creating video assets for your episode in the form of audiograms can help your content perform better when shared online.

Audiograms and / or short video clips of the upcoming episodes can attract potential listeners and promote your podcast. Did your guest say something brilliant during your interview? Or did you have an intense ah-ha moment? Insert it on an audiogram.

Below is an example of an audiogram from a Spreaker show called The Branding Lab Podcast that is actually hosted by you:

Video is the best way to promote your podcast. And now, creating an audiogram is easier than ever Spreaker’s latest integration with Headliner.

Headlining is the easiest way for podcasters and media companies to promote new and existing audio content on social media. Thousands of top podcasters and the world’s largest media companies rely on headliners to create shareable videos, reduce video production costs, increase content discovery and engagement, and win on social media.

With this integration, if you host your podcast with Spreaker, you can use Headliner to create promotional videos from the Spreaker interface. This partnership will help users add the powerful reach of videos to their podcast marketing mix and improve the ease with which they can share these videos on social media platforms.

This integration gives Spreaker users direct access to Headliner and its benefits:

  • Promote audio on social media with videos that include eye-catching waveforms, subtitles, animations, GIFs, and more.
  • The easy-to-navigate video creator means no prior video editing experience is required.
  • Quickly create content that is optimized for any social platform, brought to you in 1080p, and ready for native upload.

If you’re already a Spreaker user, you can start creating videos on Headliner right away. If you’re interested in starting your podcast on Spreaker or migrating your podcast to Spreaker, join now and get three months free. click here to get started.