CS recommends: Silver Linings Playbook, Plus TV & more!

Stuck in there? Don’t know what to see / read / play / hear? ComingSoon.net has you covered. In this week CS recommends To kick off our staff, we’ll give you in-depth tips on the best media to consume during your downtime, including award-winning David O. Russell silver linings Playbook, and more! Check out our tips below!

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MAX EVRY’S RECOMMENDATION: Inner Sanctum Mysteries: The complete film collection

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I was thrilled when the folks at Mill Creek Entertainment submitted their latest collection of all six cult classics from Inner Sanctum Mystery, which Universal’s B Division released in quick succession from 1943 to 1945. Fans of the old radio program of the same name, which featured a creaky door and creepy stories, may be a little baffled that these films feature neither a creaky door nor any real horror. They are SECRETS as described, but generally with a creepy element. All of them play the legendary Lon Chaney Jr. from The wolf man– famous! Probably the most fun part of the set is the second film Strange womanwho also played Svengoolie on MeTVs. It follows a professor who marries a woman who practices voodoo, and the same story was later adapted as the cult classic of the 1960s Burn witch, burn!


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Based on the Skybound / Image comic by creator Robert Kirkman and artist Paul Azaceta, Cinemax’s supernatural horror story follows Kyle Barnes (played by Patrick Fugit), a young man plagued by demonic possessions all his life. With the help of Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister), a country preacher with his own personal demons, Kyle now embarks on a journey to find answers to his life of suffering and what makes him so special, known as an “outcast”. ?

Outcasts thrive in their strong characters and intriguing secrets, but equally important is that they introduce a unique take on the subject of possession – as well as the act of exorcism – that raises interesting questions: What happens to the possessed person when the demon is inside is? too long and is suddenly torn out? How much violence is warranted to “save” this person? And … what if some of them prefer to share space with the demon? As the series runs, Outcast focuses not only on our hero Kyle, but also those around him, especially his family, who will ultimately be drawn into this particular nightmare as some realize that they play a bigger role in the story than you could ever have imagined.

Be warned: The two seasons of Outcast (a cancellation I’ll never get over) are intentionally cruel and not for the faint of heart. If there’s a bit of blood, real creepy / fear, mind-blowing twists and turns, and a solid demonic secret in your wheelhouse then look no further.


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While many open world titles tend to play in fantastic worlds, or place gamers in the shoes of someone embarking on a crime thriller, a nice change to that formula can be found with Sega Yakuza Franchise, and while some gamers may not have a PlayStation 2 on hand to immerse themselves in the original game, those with current-gen consoles can follow Kazuma Kiryu’s journey from the get-go with the HD remake Yakuza Kiwami. The story takes place in a fictional region that meticulously recreates the real Kabukicho district in Tokyo. It feels like a great mix of moving melodrama and crazy anime. The gameplay and controls are easy to learn for newbies, there are lots of fun sub-stories and activities as well as killer voicework from the Japanese cast (audio don’t switch audio to English dubbing), it’s an absolute blast of a game that will keep you hooked for hours. While a physical copy is currently only available for the PlayStation, the game and its remake became available on the Xbox and Steam stores last year!


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Starring Domnhall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams, Over time At the center is Tim Lake, who comes from a unique family in which all men on his father’s side have the secret ability to time travel. With his newfound gift, Tim tries to improve his love life by constantly repeating some past mistakes in order to win the woman of his dreams. Like all powers, his time travel ability comes with a slight hiccup, as changes in the past could change something in his present.

This 2013 British romantic dramedy is definitely an underrated film. Its charming and quirky plot didn’t overwhelm the emotional moments of the film, which made it an absolute delight. The appearances of Gleeson and McAdams set the film apart in its genre and their chemistry was effortless. So if you’re looking for a unique rom-com feature for Valentine’s Day, I highly recommend checking out this gem!

JEFF AMES ‘RECOMMENDATION: Silver Linings Playbook

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Over the years, David O. Russell quietly became one of my favorite directors. The man only makes a movie once every three or four years, but when he does it is usually worth the wait. Except for the strange bomb Random loveRussell didn’t make a bad movie out of the 1996s Flirt with the disaster. Then in 2010 he made one of my favorite films The fighter;; and followed the one with the even better one silver linings Playbook in 2012 and the great American bustle in 2013. It’s a hell of a run. Especially since silver linings Playbook is perhaps the best romantic comedy drama you will find this Valentine’s Day.

In the vein of Cameron Crowe Jerry Maguire, Silver lining is a rom-com that men can appreciate as much as women – and not just for the sporty aspect. The movie is funny, sad, emotional, upbeat, quirky and offers perhaps the best payout for “big dance numbers” since then Dirty dancing. But the real ace in the hole is the film’s amazing cast, directed by Bradley Cooper (in the role that made the actor more than “that guy on the scene”) Male cat Films ”), Jennifer Lawrence (who won a well-deserved Oscar), Robert DeNiro, Jacki Weaver, Anupam Kher and Julia Stiles. There’s even a brilliant extended cameo from Chris Tucker, whose character Danny shows up for a few laughs when he escapes the mental hospital. Seriously, this is brilliant stuff.

So, this Valentine’s Day, if you’re in the mood for love and tired of Meg Ryan / Tom Hanks’ juicy vehicles, give up silver linings Playbook a vortex. Like most of Russell’s work, the movie is insane and full of crazy characters, but in the end you’ll be cheering right next to them, hoping Pat and Tiffany can make it through this landing.

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