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Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid is one of the most talked about books of 2019, and for good reason. It’s a compelling novel in the form of an oral history that examines the meteoric rise of a fictional singer and band in the 1970s and the resulting dramatic split. It was even picked up by Reese Witherspoon’s book club. So you know it’s a great book worth discussing! When your club decided to read it, we have 15 book club ideas covering questions, topics, characters, and more on Daisy Jones & The Six’s questions, topics, characters, and more. Make rumors of Fleetwood Mac and get ready for a great book club get-together!

Daisy Jones & The Six Book Club questions

Did you like the oral history format? Why or why not? Why did Reid choose this format for the novel? Have you already read other (non-fiction) oral traditions? Did this feel realistic to you? Book club meeting idea: Make a list of books or documentaries about 1970s musicians that you want to share with members.

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Did you read the book in print or in clay? If you read it on audio, did you like the large number of narrators? Did you feel that the narrators portrayed the various characters well? Would you have chosen someone else to tell the different characters?

Daisy is a wild kid in her early years. She says, “I had absolutely no interest in being someone’s muse. I am not the muse. I am somebody. “Discuss your journey in more detail. How did it take advantage of you to shape your character, especially when she got to The Six?

Daisy and Billy often compete against each other – do you think their differences could be overcome, a misunderstanding? Or do they run deeper than that? What do you think is the real reason Billy was so resilient to accept Daisy into the band?

A lot of the characters seem to be looking for something to fill a void and they turn to music, drugs, or sex. What are the different characters, especially Daisy and Billy, really looking for? Agree with Camila when she says of her: “You both think you are lost souls, but you are what everyone is looking for.” Did that bring both comfort?

What do you think was the turning point for Daisy and Billy to warm up each other? Do you think they wrote a song that they couldn’t tell?

Were you surprised that Camila decided to stand by Billy? Do you agree with your decision? How do you feel about the way she handled Daisy, both throughout the book and towards the end when the band split up?

Do you think Daisy and Billy, despite being fictional, would ever get in touch after the end of the book? Do you think it would be a good idea or a bad idea?

Was there a character or characters that attracted you more than others? Which love story did you identify with or enjoy the most?

If you were alive in the 1970s, do you think Reid captured the attitudes and feelings of the time? If you weren’t alive in the 70s (or don’t remember those years!), Did you learn anything or gleaned some insight into the decade?

This type of narrative highlights that memory is often unreliable – different characters have conflicting stories or versions of events, or have changed their thoughts and feelings over the years. How do you know what the truth is supposed to be? Do you think you can ever learn the truth about an event or phenomenon?

Taylor Jenkins Reid contains the lyrics to the songs Daisy Jones & The Six play – did you like the lyrics? Do you wish they were real songs that you could hear? If they were a real band do you think you would have been a fan?

While fictional, many readers have assumed that the inspiration for this book is Fleetwood Mac. How do you imagine the band’s music would sound like this – like Fleetwood Mac or a completely different mood? Book club meeting idea: Check out some YouTube videos of live performances by Fleetwood Mac or other bands from the 1970s.

If you had to make a playlist for the novel, what songs or albums would you include? Book club meeting idea: Create a 1970s playlist to keep the mood up while everyone chats and snacks before or after the discussion!

Were you surprised by the identity of the “author” of this book? Have you reconsidered the story or any of the events at all?

If you enjoyed this book, what books would you recommend that are similar to Daisy Jones & The Six? If you didn’t like this book, what other books would you recommend that also cover memory, fame, and separation? Have you read the author’s other book, Evelyn Hugo’s Seven Husbands?

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