Chicago artist / activist Damon Locks and the Black Monument Ensemble have announced a new album. NOW is the sequel to Where Future Unfolds from 2019 and will be released on April 9 via International Anthem. It will be published on July 9th. Below is the collage-style video for the first single, Now (Forever Momentary Space). ”

According to a press release, Locks and the ensemble NOW recorded in “just a few settings” at the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago. The ensemble consists of: the musicians Angel Bat Dawid, Ben LaMar Gay, Dana Hall and Arif Smith; Singers Phillip Armstrong, Monique Golding, Rayna Golding, Tramaine Parker, Richie Parks, Erica Rene and Eric Tre’von; and dancers Raven Lewis, Cheyenne Spencer, Mary Thomas, Bryonna Young, Tiarra Young and Keisha Janae.


01 Now (Forever Momentary Space)
02 The People Vs. The Rest of Us
03 Keep your mind free
04 Barbara Jones-Hogu and Elizabeth Catlett discuss liberation
05 movement and you
06 The body is electric