Dave Grohl announced The Storyteller, a new treatise due October 5th through Dey Street Books. The book was inspired in part by the writing he did for his Dave’s True Stories Instagram account, which he created last year during the COVID-19 lockdown to end his long absence on social media. Listen to an audio trailer for the following book.

“There’s a common thread that runs through everything I do: storytelling. Whether in songs, documentaries or on the page, I’ve always felt compelled to share moments from my life. This tendency is a big part of what inspires me creatively, but also as a person, ”said Grohl in a press release.

Speaking of his decision to share stories on Instagram, he said, “I soon found that the reward I felt every time I published a story was the same as the feeling of meeting an audience Song was auditioning, so I kept writing. The readers’ response was soulful, like any applause in an arena. So I took stock of all the experiences I’ve had in my life – incredible, difficult, fun, and emotional – and decided it was time to finally put them into words. “

Grohl’s most recent LP with Foo Fighters, Medicine at Midnight, was released earlier this year. The band was nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame that year.

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Dave Grohl: The storyteller