Dawn Richard has announced her first LP for Merge Records. The album Second Line: An Electro Revival will be released on April 30th. The announcement includes the music video for the album “Bussifame”. Check out Richard’s self-directed video below.

In a press release, Richard called Second Line “a movement to bring pioneering black women to the fore in electronic music”. The taping follows Richard’s role as King Creole, a “stereotype assassin, a southern black girl at a crossroads in her artistic career,” according to the press release.

Regarding the album title, Richard said, “The definition of a second line in New Orleans is a celebration of someone coming home.” She continued, “In death and in life we ​​celebrate the effects of a person’s heritage through dance and music. I celebrate the death of old beliefs in the industry. The death of boxes and borders. I celebrate the homecoming of the future. The return to the new wave of artists. The origin of all upcoming royal creoles. This is our resuscitation. “

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Dawn Richard: Second line: An electro revival

Second line: An electro revival::

01 King Creole (Intro)
02 nostalgia
03 boomerang
04 Bussifame
05 pressure
06 pilot (crazy)
07 whirlpool
08 FiveOhFour (a Lude)
09 Voodoo (pause)
10 Mornin | Street lights
11 The Little Death (a Lude)
12 radio free
13 The potter
14 Perfect storm