Queer superheroes are still relatively new. However, after decades of slow but steady progress, there is now enough of both Marvel and DC to commemorate Pride Month 2021 with special anthologies featuring their LGBTQ + characters.

These collections are a long time coming. It wasn’t until the early 90s that both companies openly introduced gay heroes: DC’s Pied Piper had a very relaxed coming out in Flash # 53, while Marvel’s Northstar made a far more bombastic announcement in Alpha Flight # 106. In the mid-2000s, gay characters began to get their own titles: Marvel released the controversial Rawhide Kid: Slap Leather miniseries in 2003, and DC turned Batwoman into a lesbian icon in 2006. Today there is still a lot to do (the LGB is far more represented than the T, for example). Queer heroes and anti-heroes, however, have become an integral part of both the DC and Marvel universes. For a brief, glowing moment, Marvel even had a team – the Young Avengers – made up entirely of queer heroes!

In celebration of the Marvel and DC anthologies, I’m going to point you out to some comics with characters that are far from straight forward. To find out which book you like best, you first need to design something that is not complete in any superhero: a secret hiding place! The information from the following ten questions will tell you which queer superhero is right for you.

Ready? Let’s take a queer superhero quiz!