Book nerds know there’s no better date than a good book. Do you think Bumble can give you the sweet, sweet satisfaction of a 5 star read? I do not believe that! This is why this Valentine’s Day should be a date with yourself and your next favorite reading. That’s right, we’re talking about Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re a morning coffee reader or a bubble bath book lover, there’s nothing like getting acquainted with some great new read. It is the pinnacle of relaxation. And that’s really all a book date is. A little much-needed time for yourself, where you can forget your problems for a moment and immerse yourself in another world. Books are what we can look to when we need an escape. Everyone needs a break from reality sometimes.

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So why a booking date? Because we’re book nerds. ‘Cause we’re just looking for a nice night Because true love is found between the pages of a book. Because we deserve it. And just like Chidi, our soul mates are books.

And of course, as with dating, there can be some risk involved. How do you know this new book does justice to this amazing once-in-a-lifetime read you just finished? But that’s what I’m here for. With a handful of incredible books that you are sure to love, I created a quiz that will match you with a book that you will love. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in! Your next favorite book is waiting for you.

Okay let’s face it, one book is never enough. So take another quiz to figure out which book should be your Valentine’s Day, then read some passed out weird couples perfect for February and explore the literary Valentine Cards for readers. Don’t worry – the best part about your Valentine’s book date is that they’ll never get jealous. Read all the books your heart desires.