You asked and we listened. Now it’s even easier for more people to hear your podcast because we’ve turned this on automatic embedding across a range of platforms. Regardless of your area of ​​expertise, we want to enable you to speak to more and, above all, to the right audience. What is more? The process is extremely simple and only takes seconds.

Enrich your story on Medium

For fans of the written word, it is now possible embed on medium, the home of all things literary. If you’re a journalist, influencer, or writer, adding audio can add depth and a different perspective to your words.

To see how your episode is embedded in your middle post, just copy and paste the url into the text of your post and hit enter. You can do the same with the podcast’s link and embed your entire podast if you want readers to have a chance to listen to all of your previous podcasts. We have included a small picture below to make it as clear as possible for you!

Take care of your audience on Patreon

Good news to any podcaster looking to infiltrate the creative world! Now you can publish on Patreon. If you are already a Patreon user, you can easily integrate your podcast into your page, and there is even the option of Share private episodes. With episode sharing private, you can take care of yours most loyal fans For example, with special care, you could create special, one-time bonus episodes just for your Patreon supporters. The possibilities are endless.

To share your special podcasts with your Patreons, all you need to do is copy and paste Spreaker’s content url and copy it in the audio section when creating a new post as shown below.

Last but not least are those Platforms like Kickstarter and change – all fundraisers, revolutionaries and benefactors – inspire people to stand up for your cause by adding an audio dimension to your project.

To share your content on these platforms, All you have to do is copy and paste the episode or podcast link when uploading your content. Once pasted, the embedded player will automatically appear and you can publish. That’s it. Now you know how and where to share your podcast. You can use this feature right away.

Audio is the perfect way to enrich your message or cause and make an impact. Share and enjoy the possibilities!