With iOS 12 Siri became more than just a voice assistantIt became your virtual mind reader with the ability to recommend things to you that you should or do normally at certain times.

Siri now has the ability to automatically identify your general tasks, locations, or calendar events and let you know if you should be somewhere or doing something.
In addition, certain apps are suggested for certain situations via the visual interface when accessing the Spotlight search or via the lock screen. This means that you can repeat actions quickly and easily.

But of course the changes don’t stop there!

Now users can record phrases that Siri understands as triggers for pre-defined actions, and that means It’s even easier to access some Spreakers Studio functions.

So let’s take a look at what shortcuts are and how they work before we dive into how to use them in your Spreaker Studio app.

Siri – your indispensable assistant

For you, this means that you can continue to use your phone as normal. The difference is that you will later see all the actions or tasks that you have performed in an app In Spotlight search, find the screen up and lock it as Siri suggestions.

If you swipe down, you might see an option to call someone back, return to a conversation you just hung up on, or record a podcast. Once you are comfortable with the action, you can search for it in Spotlight to repeat it.

Siri Shortcuts make your life easier, you can use your phone completely hands-free – not an easy task.

By using voice commands, you can use Siri shortcuts a new way to activate Spreaker Studio with just your voice, You can create Siri personalized “phrases” for actions in your favorite podcasting app!

Let your voice take control and use Spreaker Studio for hands-free calling

Most interesting, however, is that there are two special ones Siri Podcast Commands for use with your Spreaker Studio app that makes your podcasting life even easier.

In the first place comes the ‘Record Audio’ trigger, No need to press a button, say the command and you will record. Even if you’re out and about doing 200 other things at the same time, there is no longer an excuse for not getting a shipment!

Siri Shortcut for Podcast - Spreaker Voice Command

Second is the ‘Broadcast live triggerThis means that even if something interesting suddenly takes you by surprise, and you can create content on-site, you can record.

How do you add this voice command? Simple. Here’s a quick rundown of adding the Siri shortcut settings:

  • Make sure you have updated to iOS 12 and Spreaker Studio 3.10.0.
  • Go to your iPhone or iPad settings.
  • Tap Siri & Search, then tap All Shortcuts.
  • Scroll to find the Spreaker Studio option.
  • Tap Spreaker Studio and follow the instructions to record the phrase. Use the phrase suggested by Spreaker Studio or another phrase of your choice.

Siri Shortcut for Podcast - Spreaker Voice Command

That’s it! You can now record on the go without pressing a button!

Don’t forget to update your Spreaker Studio so you can start using Siri Shortcuts with iOS 12 today.

Are you ready to test podcasts live? We can’t wait to hear how you use this new feature to record podcasts on the go. Share them with us on Twitter and Facebook, you never know, they may just be featured in our newsletter!