Drakeo the ruler was arrested in Los Angeles on Sunday, Los Angeles Police Pitchfork confirmed. A live Instagram video that Drakeo aired during the arrest showed the rapper being arrested when his Uber driver was pulled over. The LAPD’s arrest file lists an indictment of “Excon with a gun”. He’s now bail.

The rapper was released from prison in November 2020. He was charged with criminal gang conspiracy and shooting from a motor vehicle. Los Angeles prosecutors found that Drakeos required five-year probation not to partner with known gang members, undergo a search and seizure, obey the law, and not possess any weapons or firearms.

Since his release from prison, he has released several mixtapes, including We Know the Truth, The Truth Hurts, and Ain’t That the Truth. He has also released high profile collaborations with artists such as Drake and Saweetie.

When asked for more information, the Drakeo Pitchfork representative offered no comment. Pitchfork turned to Drakeo’s lawyer.