Drakeo the Ruler is releasing a new mixtape at midnight tonight called The Truth Hurts. The Los Angeles rapper’s first new project in 2021 follows last year’s We Know the Truth, released just weeks after the artist was released from prison. Prior to its release, Drakeo shares a new song called “Talk to Me” with Drake. Hear it below. (Pitchfork earns a commission on purchases made through affiliate links on our website.)

The mixtape includes several appearances by the late Ketchy the Great. Last week Drakeo Ketchy shared a tribute entitled “Long Live the Greatest”. Hear that below too.

While incarcerated, Drakeo created Thank You for Using GTL, a full album of vocals recorded over the Los Angeles County prison phone service. Find “How Drakeo the Ruler recorded an amazing sounding album from prison” on the pitch.

We know the truth::

01 intro [ft. SaySoTheMac]
02 Too Icey (Prod. Bankroll got it)
03 No excuse [ft. Damon Elbert] (Prod. Dusebeatz)
04 It’s Sum Shit on Me (Prod. Dusebeatz)
05 10 (Prod. RonRonTheProducer)
06 Same order [ft. Icewear Vezzo]
07 Engineer fear [ft. Krispy Life Kidd and Ketchy the Great] (Prod. Lowthegreat)
08 Chrome Hearts [ft. Pressa] (Prod. Bankroll got it)
09 RIP Deebo (Prod. Dusebeatz and Ronrontheproducer)
10 Not normal [ft. Bravo the Bagchaser] (Prod. Dusebeatz)
11 Exclusive (Art. Wheezy)
12 Dawn Toliver [ft. Don Toliver and Ketchy the Great] (Prod. JTG Beatz)
13 When thugs cry [ft. Snap Dogg]
14 Pow Right in the Kisser [ft. Ketchy the Great, Remble, Money Monk and Ralfy The Plug] (Prod. Fizzle)
15 Tear up the club [ft. Ketchy the Great and Ralfy the Plug] (Prod. Bankroll got it)
16 Talk to me [ft. Drake] (Prod. EY)
17 talk to me (clean) [ft. Drake]