Egerton & Walter Hauser eyed the In With the Devil series on Apple TV +

While already set to play on the streaming platform Tetris Taron Egerton expands his relationship with Apple TV + by signing up to star in the James Keene series adaptation With the devil with Paul Walter Hauser in talks to join according to the deadline.

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The True Crime Memoir, released in 2011, revolves around the writer, son of a cop and pre-eminent football player who pursues a professional career in Chicago, who makes a wrong turn in life and is jailed for a decade-long jail sentence of probation. A few months after his conviction, Keene is approached by the prosecutor who put him behind bars to free himself by becoming friends with convicted killer Larry Hall, who may soon be paroled, and getting him to two Confess to murders and ensure he stays in prison and Keene is unconditionally released from prison.

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The series, which is said to be a six-hour adaptation of the novel, is directed by bestselling crime novelist and famous screenwriter Dennis Lehane (mystical flow) and is led by Michaël R. Roskam, who previously worked with Lehane The casewho have favourited the feature adaptation of his short story “Animal Rescue”.

The rights to the novel were first acquired by Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment shortly after its publication a decade ago, with the intention of adapting it in a series on HBO in the same manner as True detective and The night ofHowever, the project collapsed after former HBO boss Richard Plepler left the WarnerMedia network and created his Eden Productions banner.

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Apple Studios will co-produce the project with Lehane, Egerton and Roskam, with executive producers Bradley Thomas and Dan Friedkin of Imperative Entertainment, Plepler, Ryan Friedkin, Scott Lambert of Emjag Productions and Alexandra Milchan, Keene and Kary Antholis.

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