Dylan O’Brien and Eliza Scanlen are in talks to star in the upcoming film Disappear, according to a report from Discussing Film.

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The film, which will be directed by the duo Celine Held and Logan George, will be produced by M. Night Shyamalan. Details of the film’s plot are not yet available, but it is reported that the film will be some sort of ensemble drama piece. The film also marks the first time since Sekhar Kapur’s 2002 film Blinding Edge Pictures, Shyamalan’s production banner, is produced The four feathers that won’t have Shyamalan as director.

O’Brien quickly became a star after his roles in Maze runner Movies, but took a little break from acting after the final film in the franchise, Maze Runner: The Cure of Death. Since then, O’Brien has played in Love and monsters, Flashback, and Infinite, but is supposed to be shooting several projects now and has just finished production The outfit.

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Eliza Scanlen is no stranger to working with Shyamalan as she has just starred in his latest film Oldwhere she played the older version of Kara. Scanlen has also had a rather eventful career for such a young actress as he starred on the HBO series Sharp objects, Baby teeth, Greta Gerwigs Little woman, and The devil all the time. She is currently filming The first lady, a film in which she portrays Eleanor Roosevelt in a film that focuses on America’s first ladies.