Oneohtrix Point Never has announced a new Blu-ray edition of its latest album Magic Oneohtrix Point Never. In addition to the previously published “Nothing’s Special” revision with Rosalía, it contains additional bonus tracks and a collection of 16 music videos from Daniel Lopatin’s entire career. Today Oneohtrix Point Never released a new version of “Tales of the Trash Stratum”, which now shows Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins along with the accompanying visual. Take a look below.

Magic Oneohtrix Point Never is the successor to Age Of from 2018. In between albums, Danniel Lopatin scored the Uncut Gems of the Safdie Brothers. He also met up with the Safdies again last year for the music video “Lost But Never Alone”. Oneohtrix Point Never also recruited its Uncut Gems alum the Weeknd for the visual “No Nightmares”.