Elle Fanning joins Francis and The Godfather as Ali MacGraw

Almost a month after adding Emmy winner Elisabeth Moss (The story of the maid) to his ensemble roster, Barry Levinson Francis and the Godfather added Golden Globe nominee Elle Fanning (The Great) to its cast, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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The film, which was switched from Francis and The Godfather to Untitled and back again, is based on a Black List script written by Andrew Farotte and redeveloped by Levinson. Golden Globe winner Oscar Isaac (Ex machina) will play the role of The Godfather Director Francis Ford Coppola with Oscar nominee Jake Gyllenhaal (Moth, Brokeback Mountain) portrays producer Robert Evans and Moss as Francis Ford Coppola’s wife Eleanor.

Fanning, born out of her acclaimed work on Hulu-era dramaturgy, recently renewed for a second season, will appear as Golden Globe winner Ali MacGraw, who was with Paramount Pictures’ at the time the crime epic was developed Head married was the production Evans.

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Coppola was 31 at the time the film was developed and determined to convince Evans and the studio that he could shoot expensive in New York. This takes place at the time of a novel that was to become a great bestseller. This after the original Mario Puzo script was set in contemporary Kansas City. Among the other debates was the idea of ​​starring Marlon Brando, a eclectic character who hasn’t been in a hit movie in years, for the patriarch of the mob family, Don Corleone (for whom he won the Best Actor Award would), and also to play on Al Pacino as Michael Corleone, a character who slowly evolved from a desire to stray far from the family business to take over when it became clear that his father would murder himself after a botched assassination attempt would be. Taking the top job after a career as an actor, Evans had his own pressures as the studio was in danger of closing down. There were also the awkward discussions with real gangsters who weren’t too happy to have their dirty business aired in a big studio movie.

Coppola reportedly gave his approval for Francis and the Godfather, Saying: “Every step Barry Levinson takes about anything will be interesting and worthwhile!”

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The film is directed by Barry Levinson (Rain man, Bugsy, Dopesick). Mike Marcus, Doug Mankoff and Andrew Spaulding of Echo Lake Entertainment will co-produce with Kevin Suren, Jon Levin and Jason Sosnoff of Baltimore Pictures.

Moss is best known for her role as Offred / June in Hulu’s series adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s classic novel The story of the maid that had earned her two Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards for best actress. She recently played in Blumhouse’s The invisible man and Josephine Deckers Shirley Movie. Moss will next appear in Wes Anderson’s star-studded dramedy The French shipping and Taika Waititi The next goal wins.

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